Looking For A KI team! Anyone is welcome!

Hello everyone I’m Looking for a KI team to learn and grow with. Any skill level is fine if you’re interested let me know. We can give each other tips and vs each other to see our weaknesses. I’d really like to join 8BitBeatdowns together!

Glad to have ya! If you’d like to learn how to play and/or beat Aganos, I’m your guy.

Hi, resident shago enthusiast here. Id like to join.

Would you have us both @GalacticGeek it would be so awesome to be on a team I would love to know how to beat him omg! Lol

Both? There’s more of you?

Tusk and Cinder main, Gargos and Orchid wannabe main here, I would like to join.

Sure me too, Mira and Fulgore with some others on the side (Aganos, Hisako, Sadira).

This is what clubs should be about…is it already out of xbox preview?

Can I interest you in a 1 one 1 training session? I do believe I specialize in this. I’ve trained many people over the years and even have some of them competing with me on the Ranked ladder now!

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Wait, is he talking about a club? I don’t need more of those… I just wanna help a guy out.

How does shadow lords multiplayer works? Can we team up?

There are no teams in KI; at best, you can start a lobby.

And i was asking for multiplayer tag team co-op in shadow lords. lmfao.

Nothing to laugh about. I think it was a fine request.

He wasnt, was just saying that this (groups of people helping eachother) is exactly what groups are for…

Oh, I know what they’re for, but the devs have already announced that there will be an official KI club, so unless you want something more personalized, you won’t need to make 1 specifically for this game. :wink:

Lol, I know, I followed the other thread :wink:

I just mean a clan I guess like not sure how to define it but we can all help each other out give each other pointers and stuff get into a chat on Xbox live and talk strategies if anyone wants to add my gamer tag its ORambleO thank you everyone for all of your comments :slight_smile: I do want to make a team so I can get a shirt made and feel cool on a side note lmao! :slight_smile:

Hey I would love to have personal training!!! I have all the time in the world just let me know what works for you! :slight_smile: thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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You don’t need a clan for that, when you’ve already got a community for that very thing right here! Also, I added you on XBL (we have quite a few other games we could play together other than KI). :wink:

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Added you aswell :grin:

@ORambleO Which character do you like to play?