"Log In Failed" message when logging in to the forums

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We have had reports of a couple of other users who were having this trouble, and when I attempted to find their accounts, they weren’t in the list at all. I asked those users to try re-registering instead of logging in, but so far they have not done so (or at least haven’t got back to me about it).

My first recommendation if you are someone who’s currently having this issue is to try registering with the exact same login information again. If that doesn’t work, we can investigate further, but we need feedback regarding this initial step, first.


What does re-registering mean exactly so i can explain to him? Is that on this site or the Xbox site? If you can write up the exact steps and locations he needs to take I can copy and send to him.


I just logged out and went back to the Log In screen; there used to be a Register button (I think it was before the forums switched to logging in with your Microsoft account) but it’s not there any more.

So let’s try this instead, since there isn’t a way to “re register;”

If you are having trouble logging in, contact me through an Xbox Live message or @Skull_n_Games on Twitter to let me know you need some help with this issue.

I will need your exact Gamertag (including details such as spaces, lowercase/uppercase letters, numbers/special characters etc). If we are not able to correct the issue with just your gamertag we may ask (privately) for the email address you are logging in with.