Living the Sadira Life

Here a few matches I had recently. One player honestly had no idea how to handle Sadira, while the other knew what he was doing. I tried to implement some of the new tech I learned to give me every advantage I could use.

In both cases, especially for new Sadira players, pay attention as to how I use Sadira’s Instinct. In one match, I use it to mix up my combos. In the next match, I use her Instinct to make really unsafe attacks safe. Both are effective and delivering beat downs.


I can see at the very end the Jago wanted to punish the jump but he didn’t manage to get his input right (that’s my feeling). Sometimes with a shoto I have that problem with the input and can do it in time. Whoever got the dps in time is very hard to beat with jumping normals XD

Nice footage.

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Characters that have DPs will always be a danger for Sadira and that is why I will toss out relative safe light Kunais. It’s also important to use the complexity of performing an DP to my advantage. I know that if I perform a cross up in the air, the player is going to have to do the DP in reverse.

The only exception to this is Cinder who’s DP is only a down/up motion and can auto correct.

Awesome! It looks like that Shadow Jago player got really frustrated

Yeah he actually rage quit right after I ultraed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadira though is a tough match for Shago as she doesn’t stay still. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great footage! Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to get better with Sadira and right now, I’m still low level, but I’m trying to figure out some good juggling combos utilizing widows drop to fang to medium widows bite, but I’m not definitely not there yet or really anywhere close lol.

Can you actually get caught trying to escape with a shadow web cling? I’ve been trying to find some type of use for that move and I never seem to be able to pull it out when I think it might come in handy (as I believe you did in the Shago match), and being in the position to where I can actually use it and it make it worth burning the stock of shadow meter makes the move seem overly situational to the point where I almost wonder why it’s in the game to begin with, or am I completely missing something (which is entirely possible if not probable)?

The very fact that the input is diffcult to time, couple with Sadira’s areial advantages is one of the very reasons I dislike her so much. XD

even so if you can afford the chip damage and not get killed while guarding in some cases waiting to open up and squish the “spider” lady can make things tolerable.

On that note though: great footage OP.

SWC is certainly situational. It will never replace a well placed block, but it is good for getting yourself out of the way of a advancing foe. It should NEVER be used in a corner as it will create the wall right where you left off, but as the move has invincible start up, its great at turn the tides of pressure.

In fact, it has saved me more than once from a Riptor or Sabrewulf mauling. :smiley:

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