List of missions/chars that give quest items

Ok, so i’m trying to fill my inventory with 50 itens for the achievement. I already have 46 and i know i can get one from mira’s side quest (family blood) and one from the hatchery quest (the transmiter), from who i can get the other 2 missing?

There is the ceremonial dagger, which I think you get from the Cult of Gargos, and other than that…I’m drawing a blank.

I already have it within the 46 items.

Maya’s daggers from kan-ras quest, familieal blood or something like that from Mira’s quest, transceivers, wyvern x, and codes from the hatchery quest.

Omg, those daggers are freaking powerful, tks for the tip, Didn’t knew about them. I’m not sure if i can get wyvern-x again since i’ve already concluded all steps of the hatchery quest.

You can, you need 5 transmitters to attack the hatchery and get the wyvern x to give to the commander to get the codes and get the transmitters again but instead of putting the codes in you get the wyvern x again. At this point you go and get a transmitter again to have all three items. All of this will take multiple play through and time.

Wow wish we have more options to complete this achievement instead of make so many runs on the same quest.

Yeah well here’s hoping that eyedols quest update brings in more quest lines.

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The Hatchery quest can give you 3 items total. The transmitters, wyvern X, and the security codes. There are also Maya’s daggers that you can get when you play Kan Ra.

Can anyone confirm for me something, is the Hatchery quest character specific? Or team specific? Or random? I haven’t seen it pop up in ages and I am going for completion now.

Any team/character can do it. It always pops in south America.

Do you have already the vial of blood?

If so, you have to do “Mimics occuping outopost” missions(may not be the exact name) until commander Grub wants to talk. You should give him the blood, and then get the 5 transmisors again

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It usually pop’s earlier and more times if you have riptor in your team. When not they usually apear after round 10.

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So if I’m up to say turn 25+ I should restart? Using Riptor Jago Fulgore as my team.

Did you got any of the transmitters already? How many?

I have 4 transmitters, and one familial blood. If that matters. I got them early on before I powered solely for mimic skins. Now I’m working on Dossiers and only hatchery volumes are left.

Well, it seems it takes a bit more to spawn when you have the transmitters. Just keep goin and they will spawn sooner or latter.

Alright thanks for the info. I’ve already considered swapping to an Ultratech team too. Riptor Aria Fulgore see if that helps. But I’ll see if anything happens by turn 40

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It doesn’t matter for the hatchery. You can do it with them or without them, keeping riptor in the team just make it a bit easier because she can control the raptors and you get some advantage.

Ah, well all I have is that and grinding Dossiers so hopeully I’ll see it eventually. Once I get the last 3 Hatchery bits I’ll be ready for updated content and that much closer to 100%

Wait I thought riptor didn’t control them she just shows domaince and then you get a surprised and injured debuff for them.