Links for Combo Breaker KI Top 8 Final and Auction tournament!

****** Links to the Auction Tournament and the KI Top 8 are posted below **
(With time stamps so there is no fast forwarding or searching for the correct spot on the video!
Thanks to @Bundokman

Can anyone post a link to the legit KI TOP 8 from last night please?
** The KI auction matches would be cool to watch as well.


Here are links to the Tourneys for KI in Combo Breaker

KI Auction Tournament

KI Top 8 Combo Breaker


Thank you so much for the link with the time stamp!! Hells yeah!
That was an awesome intro too! Very professional! WOW!

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Rico’s MIRA!!! WOW!!! Even though he ended up loosing a couple matches with her… his MIRA is awesome and he has some balls to use Mira in a tournament this big. I dont see anyone else taking the risks he takes.

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He is the evo and world cup champion.

Mira got bopped so hard. silver life plus counter breaker= bad bad day. Funny thing is too, mira literally helped her opponent beat her. I find that hilarious.

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[spoiler]Oh sleep, shoulda stayed with ARIA. You were putting in work. But a couple major mistakes but the mix-ups were ultra. Glacius though…man his got bopped hard. It wasn’t even a contest there. Arbiter…I’ll chalk that up to little MU exp from dayton. I mean dayton could have closed it out earlier if it wasn’t for that counter breaker mistime.

ultratech knows what’s best.

I don’t think I’ver ever seen someone do abare playstyle in my life. I mean, blocked blade dash? dp, blocked? dp, whiff? dp. Nicki dp’s ALL the time. It’s makes me cringe to watch. Thankfully though he pays for it most of the time. [/spoiler]


Especially in Grand Finals

Note*: Please use spoiler tags in order to keep the discussion of top 8 free of who won and such. Some people may not like knowing and want to watch for themselves.


Amazing top 8, everyone was great. GF’s were effin intense. Really really good stuff!

Wow. LCD’s Kim was so on point.

Nicky’s Fulgore was amazing!

And That Finals Match! This was a hype tournament! :slight_smile:


I don’t think nicki did enough DP’s. I think he needed to do more.

Lol, probably.

I was never a fan of the abare playstyle.

What a great finals… Ohhh my God. KI at its best…

Awesome Top 8. And amazing grand finals. Anyone know where I can watch the Saucey Suite?

EDIT:- Found it, For anyone else interested.


I felt like Thompxson was sandbagging and then just ripped Nicky a new one. His game the last 3 matches was soooo good!

He definitely was not sandbagging. He just tried the “dp everything” game nicki was playing and was failing. Once he decided to not play that game he just squashed nicki easily the first two games. I don’t fully agree nicki should have made it that far.


Be nice if you could mod your post to have the spoiler tag. We were being pretty intentional about not mentioning who made it where. We’re pretty far down into the thread, but don’t want to unintentionally spoil it for anyone who does happen to read this far down before watching the Top 8 :thumbsup:


I think he is doing that on purpose…I still havent finished the stream so Im staying away from my own thread until I finish.

I know he wasn’t, but he switched his game up so quick and basically mopped the floor with NIcky which is why it felt like it. Nicky’s a great player, though he gets away with some shenanigans that he really shouldn’t. He made it through loser’s and then reset at Grand Finals, I think he deserved to make it that far.

Caught the Auction stream last night. I’m sad Jams Chen doesn’t do more commentary for KI, him and Sajam are hilarious together (special mention to Tristan too). Everyone’s gotta watch it, real fun stuff there too (lol @ Lost Cambion)

Sleep or dayton deserved it way more (although sleeps’ glacius was very…not good. it got pounded into a puddle and not worth pulling out at all).