LGBT in KI community

Just curious, as a gay man myself, any people LGBT in the KI community?

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OH MY GAWD IM SO OFFENDED LMAO why is G A Y censored?! I mean I guess I get it but that was a surprise lol sigh not cool

After today’s stream featuring Kim Wu and other cool stuff, I’m ecstatically gay (which is traditionally defined as “happy” or “excited”).

I’m straight for Cinder. :wink:

While I agree that it can be a personal issue that some would rather keep personal and I 100% understand the want to do that, sometimes we like to create a space for each other to support one another as well. I don’t ask that anyone come out and expose themselves if they’re uncomfortable with it, just as a person within the lgbt community I am just honestly curious. And yeah I made sure to put this in an off topic subject lol

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I agree that today was an awesome day for KI!

I’m pretty sure the censor list is inherited from the forum software, and it’s ridiculously…conservative, to say the least. I’m sure the guys at Microsoft aren’t maniacal enough to add g-a-y to the censor list themselves.

@rukizzel you’re gonna have to uncensor that, dude.

Please, tell me how you managed to confirm this all on your own.

Not really the point – you can be sure that an openly LGBT person respects others’ privacy wrt their sexual orientation, and wouldn’t demand others come forward about it. But solidarity is important among LGBT people, plenty of whom are probably keen to stand up and be counted.

At least, they would be if they didn’t have people like yourself insinuating that LGBT people talking about their sexual orientation would make someone uncomfortable. I don’t want to shame you for it, but I think you should retract your comment.


How would you know?

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I really don’t want to go into statistics, but suffice it to say that

  • You probably can’t reliably determine others’ sexuality just by reading their posts or watching them on a stream;
  • With the way people responded to this thread, it might not be surprising that people aren’t making a topic out of their sexual orientation in the community; and
  • Unless KI selects heavily for straight and/or homophobic people, the proportion of LGBT people in the KI community is probably about the same as the general population. (i.e. plenty.)

What? thats silly!

If people want to share that their g@y and find other g@y players, there isn’t anything inappropriate about that.

My wife found it cool when she watched Pink Diamond play. Who knows, we might have a Ricky Ortiz in our community.


Yeah, I almost never want to say it for fear of placing a burden of representing an entire gender on Pink Diamond’s shoulders, but I think it’s awesome that she has taken her Maya as far as she has as a woman in a male-dominated competitive scene, and I hope she inspires more female players to walk the same path.


That will most definitely come out! Thanks for pointing it out. It should not be censored at all.


Ok that should be fixed now. Also found another word after some searching that shouldn’t have been censored, either. Thanks for the heads up.


Yup me. I’d love this community to be as diverse and friendly to everyone.

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@GregosaurusC I’m an LGBT part of the KI community. Gamertag is my username if you want to play a few games sometime.

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I’m lgbt and proud! Also happily married to a great man! If anyone wants to play KI just add me! GT is my user name!

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Thanks y’all! I just went to the KI World Cup in San Antonio and just started to feel like a real fan and wanted to get involved on the online community! I actually don’t even own an Xbox one or the game but my best friend introduced me to KI and would explain everything to me and I really got into it! And so yeah I was just wondering haha


While I do not believe in censorship, I personally, have always been annoyed when sexuality crops up in gaming communities. I guess I just don’t feel like my sexuality is a big part of my identity and I don’t understand when it is for others.

Just my two cents.

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I agree with what your saying @Thrustbucket but i have no problem answering questions when asked. It doesn’t change how my play style is or how i act around others. I feel that the KI community is a single unit with multiple groups of people. Like most here it doesn’t matter if you like guys girls or washing machines all that matters is that you support KI and the community that lives for it.


Maybe try to, then? You may have had one set of experiences in life that make you ok with your identity, someone else could have had an entirely different set of experiences.