Level 4 enders

LOL People do what they want! XD

I see your point. I should have phrased it better. I didn’t mean cannot as in impossible just that in your average competitive setting it isn’t really possible or just very unlikely.

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They don’t “need” to support or finance IG/MS. Each of these people play any fighting game they choose and have been playing SFV lately. Them coming here saying they don’t want the enders in Season 3 is a plea. They don’t want the game to suffer or have to be turned away like Infil. No one here wants to hurt KI and not support them and most of us including me can live with certain bad things like bad Retros or terrible faces but this one is a huge flaw. Such a big flaw that these guys who never based their opinions on here before have come to save KI. It may not be as apparent as financially supporting them, but it is indeed support. So that KI doesn’t stagger off in the FGC.

I just call it coincidence. If it were causal players ( like myself) protesting the new enders it would be blown off. However with the pros protesting maybe something will happen thus yes. This time I do agree with the pros.

Well, some of the pros, as it is. Only some of them have voiced their opinions, from what I can tell. And so far, only those who are against the new level 4 ender effect seems to have been pointed out on here.

Any of the pros who like it and have voiced their opinion about it?

Notice how I was careful to put thise quotation marks everytime I used “boycott” in the OP. It isn’t a boycott as I stated in the Op multiple times it is just me holding off until I see improvement over the issue.

On top of that it is not just me. The best examples I can give is both Infilament which is probably the most contributing member of the KI community and Sajam both openly stating they would less likely be to play the game and recommend it because of this and that this alone killed some of their hype. So aside from this post it is not a “one man thing”.

I even stated in the OP multiple times I am holding off anything until the next stream or release to see the changes because I hated the new shadow moves but I loved them in the past stream they improved so my conclusion is you didn’t even entirely read my post.

Vote with your wallet is not the right way to go about this sort of thing. If people boycott S3 and are not playing the game why would they bother and what incentive would they have to change anything?

Like the other threads on the subject and like most things on this game good constructive feed back is always the way to go.

We are very lucky that the devs for this game are always reading these forums and looking for feed back in order to try to take the feed back give into account and make the best game possible.


Point taken and good question.

You need to process what you read dude. Your response shows you clearly didn’t comprehend the previous post.

These players speak their opinion all the time, not sure why you think otherwise.

I understand that and I agree and whether people vote with their wallets or not the Devs I am sure have seen all the feedback and as stated in the OP am confident they will fix it like they di with the shadow moves.

You seem to have forgotten that you suggested “we boycott” in your OP. Seriously, if you can’t keep track of your own statements, then don’t expect me to do it.

Not to mention your assertions in the previous post.

Maybe Infil and Cstyles come on here often but I don’t see Sajam or PaulB here often. LCD yes, he is on here on occasion.

Yes because this forum is the only place the KI community and the FGC exists.

“Anyone else who agrees with me”.

Oh you don’t agree with me great!

Obviously, you are passionate but instead of being condescending to fellow KI loving community members you should just express your opinion and try to make ways to solve the obvious and serious problem. You already did that? Great, move on!

Regardless of a boycott or anything it is obvious the enders are controversial and will be either removed or heavily fixed, but apparently I just want KI and the hundreds of dollars I have given to the Devs to go down the drain.

I bet the IG/MS team are gonna have a sleepless night tonight! lol… They are all gonna drag in to the meeting room tomorrow morning with coffee in hand…yawning…lol

“Did you sleep?..No man…you? Nah…I was reading all the negative posts on the forum, facebook and twitter” "Oh man…me too… everyone is PO! "lol

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Not everyone.
Truly, those who are against it scream the loudest. But there are people who do like it too, and as the poll showed, those were the majority on this forum.

It was a joke… a joke as if they are taking in the conference room with minimal sleep. Its not that serious geeezus

Again, a poll that was split 50% 50%.

Not to mention it wasn’t even worded right. I chose I liked it but now my opinion changed and even then I do not dislike it I just think it needs a lot of work and shouldn’t be at launch as is but that is obvious since it is a WIP.

Boycott Level 4 Enders? You mean to tell me that you want to boycott your highest use of meterless damage? Nah I’ll pass.

On a serious note though, I say give it time. They could make any sort of change between now and when Season 3 ends. Maybe we’ll even be use to it by then. I don’t know.

Lol I didn’t mean it like that haha.

I know they will change it and I hope they seriously clean it up but hopefully they take out the whole black background atleast show the stage you know? Idk we will see I am sure IG will do a great job once they take their anti depressants from seeing all these forum post.