Level 4 enders

They need fixing asap


I like them. As does the majority on here, as was shown in my poll:

So I doubt it will be boycott. It just needs some polishing though.

if SE 3 is all about juggles they can start by letting me track the decent of the opponent I’m supposed to juggle.

I love them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is my main issue with S3. Not a juggler at all.

50% liked it. One of which was me before I saw the whole stream and took time to compare and the other 50% being just the forums either do not like it or are “indifferent” which I fall under because I would love it if it was really cleaned up not how it is now. On top of that most of those who do not like it openly express that this is a hype killer and makes them less likely to want to keep playing the game. We all have our opinions I want to see KI succeed personally it is my favorite game right now and has been for awhile but that is why I said this is a personal boycott. I can only speak with my wallet to the devs so that is what I am doing.

Not going to happen. I’m indifferent to them, but I’ll make any adjustments and keep playing. In addition, I’m not going to be party to killing KI’s future for the sake of something like this.

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Boycotting something in a game never works, I mean do they reeeeely bother you that bad?

death comes to all, … except KI.

ha! I can adjust to almost anything too. That’s the creed of all FGC players. but come on dude. we dig the game just not this trash addition.

Understandable. In reality though would this really hurt KI in the long run? People boycott, the problem gets fixed/removed and KI moves forward with all the same or more support and even more so for the already more than obvious constant Dev support. I am glad some people like it and sad to see myself and others hate it. I love the idea and hate the execution. I will reserve a lot of comments though until I see another stream with a better build or wait until launch because I would love an extreme make over to what we have now. It is obvious this has been one of not the most contested additions to the game and for a legit reason.

We already have several other threads about this (one of which they even came in an said that our feedback had been heard) Boycotting is pointless at this point.

Keits already said before u don’t have to be a juggler in this game if u don’t want to. It’s just an added feature to add more creativity/freedom for players.

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Very true but its also been stated that damage overall has been reduced as characters have more juggling opportunities.

Would you kill KI’s future to have it removed then?

Kill KI’s future? So yoh are implying if everyone boycotted the enders they wouldn’t simply change it and thats that? How does this effect KI’s future? If people quit or lose long term interest in the game because of the enders now that hurt KIs future.

As well as some of the Enders were doing way too much damage for what they were supposed to accomplish like Thunders Ankle Slicer Ender. Some characters can’t even juggle like Lord Aganos

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It will get improved like the new shadows.

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I know they will get improved. Just got to hold out for a little bit.

Crunch time Boys!!!


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Nah Aganos just takes your life bar by throwing through walls.

This is why am arguing so hard about this. 30 years from now I want to look down on my kid who will be playing KI and say “You know I helped save KI from dying at EVO from the FGC laughing at it”