Level 4 enders

MK can have X-rays, SF can have Critical Arts, and Shago can have an Ultimate all of which do the same thing as TC’s complaints about Level 4 Enders but are even longer (Disrupt gameplay, possibly take you out of the element, potentially lose sense of where you are etc.) yet people are able to mange to play the games at a competitive level just fine.

I just don’t see what the big deal is about the stage 4 enders…Shago’s Ultimate literally does all of that but it’s even longer, yet nobody cares. If you just don’t like them ok but its an odd thing to single out when other games (and one character in this one) do something similar if not even worse.

Anyway we are all entitled to opinions and to do what we want with our money, and that’s why I will be voting with my wallet too by pre-ordering Season 3 tomorrow.


You still haven’t answered the question, a simple one really. Would you kill KI for the change?

Are you implying that the denial of revenue AND a lack of community to play against for the influx of new players wouldn’t hurt KI’s future? Don’t forget, whether you purchase or not, the game is updating to season 3, so if boycotting is going to happen, then that is not playing either.

Kinda cute that you think not supporting KI now would in any way create a scenario where tournaments and/or pro players would take it seriously in the first place.

You cannot Xray or use a critical art more than once in a round unlike level 4 enders and the ultimate is once per game if that. Not nearly as disruptive.

Actually, you can. It is unlikely to happen, but it is possible.

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Well they sort of are currently showing discontent with the level 4 enders. It seems like the Pro players just now are looking into them. Just saw a tweet from Paul B saying he hopes it isn’t in the final game. LCD, Sajam, and Paul now are finding displeasure in them. Am pretty sure that could affect the future of KI unless we stop it from happening.

I already answered it. I said I don’t want KI to die. If I do not preorder or purchase and everyone else does the same for example it is up to the Devs to kill the game or not. So as fans we should hust agree to everything and hope for the best in what we think should be changed? Why is CoD so bad now? Because people just throw money at activision every year for the same game diminishing in quality.

This goes one of 3 ways.

  1. I do not preorder until I see a change I like the change and purchase and all is well.

  2. Nothing changes dramatically and myself and others including big recognizable names in the KI community move on to other games or do not even support S3.

  3. Devs change or clean up the animations and everyone besides a couple negative Nancy’s are upset and all is well.

Point is it is obvious a lot of people hate it. This is a bad time for something like this when KI is going to receive a bunch of new players from a different platform. Either way one guy isn’t going to kill KIs future it is already set stop being dramatic KI will live on.

Probably one of the few times I don’t mind pro players heavily influencing the game.

So, you generally don’t like when pro players influence the game… except when they share your opinion about something.

And yes, let’s give them another reason not to play by not financially supporting the game or their scene.

Additionally, what is the end goal with this? The development team has shown they are more than willing to listen to our feedback WHEN we pay. Somehow denying their source of income is going to change that for the better? They’re going to make changes without financial resources?

Yeah if you lose the first round and use no meter and then immediately use xray/CA in the second round and get hurt to almost a loss to get back another meter before you lose in the second. Lets be real what competent player really plays like that?

I have to agree with the topic creator… I really just don’t care for these new Enders. It’s simple really; they don’t look good . They disrupt the flow of the gameplay. They add nothing to the game : people watching it being played, or to the people playing the game. It’s really quite odd that they would decide to change this out of the blue, without anyone ever asking for it to be changed, or anyone complaining about the old one.

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In general no not really.

No no, you said that you can’t use them more than once. But that’s not true, you can. It is unlikely, I completely agree with you on that, but saying that it isn’t possible is wrong.

Then why don’t you mind them intervening this time?

From what I can recall, I’ve never encountered a studio that was as open to community as IG has been, how transparent, and open to criticisms.
As odd as it may sound, I think we’ve grown to be spoiled. We’ve had an immense amount of streams highlighting characters, stages, UI changes, exhibition matches just for the community, yet we still act unhappy? No video game will ever be perfect, but IG are aiming for it.
Let’s take SFV, at it’s current state, it’s barebones with terrible net play and Capcom is tight lipped about everything. Barely any updates on a game that was supposed to be Sony’s flagship fighter. Which is the polar opposite of IG and KI.
As for myself, the Enders are neat, but not my cup of tea. It’s awesome that they’re trying new things to help bring some 90’s flare.
We shouldn’t boycott a video game, just voice our opinions and let them be heard.


Its something I agree with with. Even if nothing is done I’ll still play the game. Same as I always have.

No, I wouldn’t boycott KI over the new enders. I think they have potential. You (and everyone else, including the devs) will do what you must. I’ve talked about this topic enough…I’m officially checking out of the 3D level 4 discussion.

Unless I get bored or something :smirk:

Well, then I was right in what I said. Just pointing that out.

A one man boycott then? I don’t think that qualifies as a boycott that they’ll find concerning.

Funny that you think that this change is bad timing with the influx of new players, but not having a community to play against because of a ridiculous boycott wouldn’t hurt it.