Let's talk wendigos!

As of lately, the idea of a wendigo has been one of my top desires for this game. I wanted one before, but now I want one even more. So, to at least distract this need, I thought it would be fun to discuss potential for such a character.

How would you want the wendigo to be? What kind of animal should it appear like? Owl, deer, bear, rabbit, a mashup animals?

How would it play? What kind of powers should it have aside from the animal/feral nature of the animals it might look like?

Feel free to throw all your thoughts in here.

It’s not a beast I care about. There’s plenty other I would rather see in KI.

skinny anthro goat. With skull head and holding a spear. noice.

Literally the cleric beast from blood borne large beastial dog thing with the deer horns lots of bones sticking out with an emancipated frame but big enough to still be intimidating. I like the disabled look with one arm big, buff and hairy and the other weak small and bare. Cool game play mechanic. Long arm for super damaging ranged attack that is unsafe and the small arm for weak fast generally safe attacks


I’ve always thought Wendigo was a cool concept. I’d love to see it in game, but in the novella the are subordinates to the coven. I wonder if they’d be better as a minion like gargos’ lil dudes. If there was a playable Wendigo though, I’d be ecstatic and would likely use it a lot. Always preferred the ones with deer antlers and exposed ribs.

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the lack of stage becomes increasingly heavy.

Well, the wendigos may be minions of the coven, but even UltraTech’s minions, Fulgore units, are capable of being powerful individuals. I’m expecting a wendigo like you described with deer features. I think it would be cool to see ribs and bones sticking out, but I dunno if that design could push the T rating up to M and cause problems.

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Omen and Shago are subordinate to Gargos, and all of the Ultratech characters (Fulogre, Kilgore, Riptor, Cinder, Sadira) are subordinate to ARIA. I don’t think social status is much of a concern :stuck_out_tongue:

On what I’d like to see in a wendigo? Physically I like what I’ve seen thus far. Gangly limbs tipped in huge claws, a rotted humanoid torso with an elongated form, and an exposed skull adorned with antlers; preferably one from a predatory animal, it’s jaws lined with flesh tearing teeth.

I’ve been saving a lot if wendigos for just such a discussion!

Now for the important question: How would a feral, cannibalistic spirit play? I’m thinking the “Kelvin” archetype (Rushdown Glacius) would be an awesome fit. Long limbs mean long reach, and the beast’s hunger for human flesh would warrant some aggressive behavior.
An easy way to think of it would be to combine Sabrewulf and Glacius. Hell, Wulf’s rig could be a really good starting point. Give him some normals and maybe specials similar to Wulf, trade the super nasty mixups for even more range. Something like Ice Lance + Overpower would be a frightening start. Just imagine the possibilities!
Oh! And maybe projectile vomit as an acidic projectile!


My wendigo concept from other thread
The Coven Horde:
The Coven, an ancient clan of vampires, uses many agents, and creatures like the Wendigo, with low inteligence, can be useful for them. Porfiry, a small and fat lmp, commands a small army of these creatures, destroying any enemy of the Coven who dares to challenge them.
The Wendigos fight in pack, they look like skeletal elks, and once they see their prey, nothing can stop them until they consume it. Their expendable condition and their blind obedience suits them to suicide missions. In their intro, we don’t see the stage, we see Porfiry looking at his computer watching the wendigos arriving to the fight.
All wendigos share a normal health bar, and normaly we only see one of them on screen. The wendigo it’s small and fast, has moderate good range with its normals, and deals poor damage. His first special, horde assault, changes depending the button. Light sends another wendigo in front of the opponent, trying to hit low, M sends another from the back, trying to hit overhead, and H sends a wendigo from the front, trying to perform a grab which staggers. Each attack takes a moment to see the new wendigo, but the player recovers very fast from the command. Ferocius jump it’s a charge move which can hit high or low, being very unsafe on block, but very fast on startup. Cannibal bite it’s a command grab which bites the opponent. The bites give a 15% damage bonus to the wendigo until player changes to another wendigo.

PPP serves as “switch wendigo”. If there are two wendigos in the screen, PPP will change which one its controled by the player. This leads to mix ups, like using one wendigo asisst, then use ferocious jump in a mix up, and switch the control to the other wendigo depending if you opened your rival or got blocked. Once a non selected wendigo ends his attack, runs away from the screen. Every ender makes several wendigo enter the stage to hit the enemy, consuming the damage boost of cannibal bite if present. If two wendigos are hit at the same time, you get double damage.
So this character it’s a rushdown character based in assists to create hard to react mixups. Also, when the first bar it’s depleted, the Ko’ed wendigo retreats from the fight and another one takes his place.

The ones from Until dawn would be cool.

Don’t forget Marvel’s Wendigoes too.

So Wendigos come in many different forms? I thought the were a static “thing”. When ever I think of one, I imagine the white, furry abomniable snow man looking thing in the marvel comics that wolverine always fights.

Anyway, if they can come in different forms, I’d love to see a chimera type Wendigo.

This is the Wendigo’s description from the novella:

The stench of death hit Mira’s nostrils the second before she heard the unearthly cries—a crazed yapping that sounded like a hyena crossed with a lunatic. A horde of wendigoes appeared at the arched windows, crawling over the low wall and into the laboratory like spiders, red eyes glowing in their skeletal heads. They resembled decaying elk with the teeth of wolves, and the sight of them made Thunder stop and stare with hatred

So they are the elk skull ones


Oh, Wendigos were mentioned in the short story? That makes it more possible IMO. Judging from the art people are posting, a Sabrewulf “clone” doesn’t seem unlikely.

Yeah, novella+survey=almost sure bet

But then people votes for JD and Shorchid…


I agree, a wendigo would be awesome. Though doing a google image search, the most common portrayal of a wendigo is a monster or demon with the skull of a stag on it’s face.

Not sure where they are making this claim, they should tell us why they think he would be.

I really like that description. It’s all I could’ve wanted! Good to know that if/when IG give us a wendigo, it’ll look AWESOME!

Whats interesting is these match the description. Wendigo’s have been often portrayed as creatures with the skull of an elk for a head

I know, it gets me excited!