Lets talk about "Easy Mode"

So add more filters to pair you up with even less people? That is so silly. We have beaten a dead horse to the point where future generations feel the beating.

Let me say this for everyone who still questions it… combo assist makes no difference in a competitive setting. All it does is add a layer of ease to players who don’t want to familiarize themselves with the mechanics or want to use a shortcut.

If a person loses, it isn’t due to someone using combo assist, it’s due to said person not recognizing what to do better in a certain situation. Combo assist doesn’t help someone manual, reset, or even use optimal combos. It just simplifies the mechanics so it can be done with ease, but that ease doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an advantage, it’s just ease.

I use combo assist myself but still do openers, linkers, and enders manually most of the time

Nothing wrong with using it, like I said, it only simplifies and makes things more at ease for players. However, the argument that it somehow makes someone better is preposterous. It could actually make someone worse, because they are intentionally handicapping themselves if they don’t already understand the mechanics.

I totally agree combo assist actually can make it a little more difficult in online play especially against a truly skilled player that does not use the assist because it actually decreases the percentage damage dealt by the combos

I actually did the same combo with assist on that I did with assist off and it did more damage without the assist

Like 98% of current Exhibition players DO NOT use the current filter available to separate tiers…why in the hell would they start using a filter to separate CA players?

Losing a game to someone using combo assist is like losing a bicycle race to someone using training wheels.

You didn’t lose because your opponent has training wheels, you just suck bad.


Yep, but no one likes to admit that so hush. Let’s just find something to blame… Combo Assist, it’s all your fault!


I know Ive yelled at the screen before “Fn combo assist F#%%!” LOL

It bothered me when it first came out but I could care less now… I dont care for Ultra assist though.

Actually people are focusing on the "begginer friendly " aspect of the CA, but there is more: being accessible

Some of you know that I broke my arm some time ago. Did you know that, due my injury, I couldn’t play well, so I used CA during a month? I was able to play and enjoy the game thanks to it.

I was injured, but many others would have it for more permanent accesibility issues. It’s no “easy mode” for them. It’s the only way to play


Not true, CA combos and regular combos do identical damage.

What probably happened was that one of your combos was when the opponent had low health and guts scaling made the combo do less damage. You always have to make sure that the opponent is at full health when you start a combo, if you are testing damage numbers.

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Folks CA isn’t OP! Buttons on controllers are OP! We should play with Kinect only controls!


My idea for a combo assist filter.
This filter would automatically be enabled when you start the matchmaking process

If you start searching for matches with Combo Assist enabled the game will only match you with other players that also have Combo Assist enabled

If you start searching for matches with Combo Assist disabled the game will only match you with other players that have Combo Assist disabled

You already said that, what you didn’t put forward was a viable reason as to why this should be a thing.


Your missing the point on what combo assist is. It allows players to play to do combos without using the qcf/QCB and BF/DU imputs. There is no need to make some setting that limits who plays who, or show who is using it. CA doesn’t change how you combo break. It sounds like you want lower skilled players to be put in their own group, or give you an advantage, because they can’t do the combos without assist.

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It isnt lost or not a game by the CA
You ingrease at least 1% your chance to win, because you wont drop combos anymore, everybody drops combos sometimes, it doesnt matter if the combo is easy or not, sometimes it happens, but who use CA wont drop ANYMORE, I have 400 hours in this game, I know how to play. I repeat CA ingrease at least 1% the chance of victory, it is a fact!
It ok for new players, but Killers… I think It should be locked


CDjr drops the combo in Evo finals. Drop combos in EVO in moments so important happened several times in KI history.
Only people in this forum dont drop combos, because here, people are so perfect

Nope. It doesn’t even do that. For better players we don’t use CA because the buffer window can lead to alot of moves coming out that we don’t want. Especially pressure normals into accidental openers.

I play to win. If Combo Assist gave me even a 0.000001 percent increase in chance of winning. I’d use it. But it doesn’t. Just makes Sabrewulfs pressure game into a mess of openers the game thought I wanted but didn’t.

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Combo Assist doesn’t keep you from dropping combos. You still have to hit the button.

People playing at high level don’t drop linker, AD, linker combos either. They drop tightly timed manual combos that they are attempting to use to avoid or confound combo breaking. This is an entirely different risk reward scenario than Combo Assist.

And for the record I don’t believe you. No one, and I mean NO ONE is so motivated to talk about Combo Assist just in principle. You guys are losing games to people you think are using CA and you get fired up about how it’s unfair and find your way to the forums.

KI basic combos have the lowest execution of any fighting game. If you really think doing qcf motions during combos is a “skill” central to the game then I don’t really have anything to talk to you about.


KI has guts scaling? I never even realized.


And if you are nervous, you could use an ender prematurely, for example after a lockout, since you only have to press forward Heavy to commit one. And due that, you could lose huge cashouts, do the wrong ender, and a bunch of other things that may be bad for you

So it’s also a handicap

It’s not about perfection

Combo assist doesn’t give you all the options, a misstimed press would make you do an autodouble that you don’t desire, and other stuff which doesn’t happen without it

Seriously, drop the “CA is an advantage because you don’t drop combos”. It has other downsides.