Lets talk about "Easy Mode"

“Easy Mode” = CA

You ingrease at least 1% your chance to win, because you wont drop combos anymore, everybody drops combos sometimes, it doesnt matter if the combo is easy or not, sometimes it happens, but who use CA wont drop ANYMORE. I repeat CA ingrease at least 1% the chance of victory, it is a fact!
It ok for new players, but Killers in ranked matchs… I think It should be locked

CA (Combo Assist) doesn’t make a person a better player, nor will it help a person rank up. That is a myth. I have a few friends who normally don’t play KI at all period. They all use Combo Assist, and I still win without much effort.


Combo Assist helps with combos, that’s it.

It doesn’t help with breaking combos, spacing, zoning, footsies, nor mind games. It doesn’t prevent you from breaking their combos.

I’ve never lost a match due to CA.

By all means, if you think it makes THAT big a difference, use it too. I assure you it doesn’t. When CA first came out, I forgot to turn it off, and I found it limiting, as it tried to auto compute everything versus letting me do the combos I wanted to do.
I turned it off, and have never turned it back on. I don’t like it, but I won’t begrudge somebody who does.


Here we go again! Why is it all of a sudden there are multiple "I hate Combo Assist " threads popping up?

At low levels it can benefit the player so they dont drop combos as easy. At high level it will get you wrecked lol
If you are a low level player…use it. If you are not…then dont use it.

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I believe you are wrong

Here are my reasons:

-KI’s combos are easy to do. Compared to other FGs, with1 frame links, jump/flight cancels, or long non easy to perform combos… It would took almost no time for a new player to do any opener-linker-double-linker-ender.

-Due to the combo system, even if you pull infinitely a double-linker loop, you could always be broken, so mind games are super important. Combo assist doesn’t help you to brake or make harder to break your combos (they are easier!). The mind games of the combo system are the core of this game. Not the execution.

-Some games have auto combos when mashing a button. KI combo assist is not optimal: you only have access to 2 enders for char, and not only the best choices

-It gives no advantage against nobody, just makes easier to do combos. Considering that everyone can activate it, nobody is in disadvantage

Ki isn’t the 1st game to have a simplified mode. Things like this go back to capcom vs snk 2. It didn’t make someone better then. And it doesn’t now. If you lose to someone using ca then it’s your own fault.


Do you know that “combo start” that Jago stay down, and then use a mid kick and then he use his skill using the kick?
So it is so normal to drop… Right know it is so easy to do, nobody drops it, everybody do it, in Season 2 rarely people use it even in high ranks.
I mean… CA is a great idea to help new players, but I think we need to know who is using it, It estimulate people stop to use it.

It would only stimulate hate. People sending online messages calling others noobs for using it

What advantage do you, as player, get from knowing that your opponent has CA enabled?

It doesn’t change your approach to any character. And in any case,I could activate CA only for ultras, and not for combos. You would belive I’m using it for combos if it says is enabled, but that would be false


I assume you are referring to doing medium kick and canceling into wind kick. In that case, people have been doing that since forever. It isn’t complicated to do with or without combo assist


Nobody said that is complicated.

So I thought that the community thought like me, but I was wrong. It is ok.

Hit confirming into a combo is a pretty basic skill in any fighting game, and since any character in this game can confirm into any special move from any normal (with a few exceptions like Tusk’s sword normals, Wulf’s leaping slash special, and projectile normals like Kilgore or Eagle) it’s super easy in KI.
If an opponent using the most basic fundamental mechanic of the game is too much for someone, then it would be wise to try and improve your play rather than trying to change the game. Even experiemced players can learn a thing or two by going back to basics.

I’m not interested in change the game (:
It isnt too much for me, I only prefer that the game be totally manual it doesnt matter if something is hard or easy, it isnt the point
I prefer that the game saying who is using or block it in killer ranks and golds, or just killers, or something like that.

Why? They have no advantage over other player. Is like, dunno, having an arcade stick instead a regular controller

CA doesn’t make a good player better, or a bad one better. Just makes easier to perform non optimal combos, which is… not much


Ok, lets put in the Street Fighters, Hadukens using only one button, however hadukens are easy to do.

There is no way to do any special out of the combo system(like, as you say, a hadoken) in KI with one button

I would have nothing against an easy to do combo on SF with one button IF, like KI, it leads to a non optimal combo.

The problem would be if the combo was optimal. CA leads normally to bad enders, not the optimal ones


I’m noob and never used CA. Maybe when I knew KI and installed on Xbox, because by default CA is on. Also some dojo lessons I think obligates you to use CA. But I think the author of the thread has a point, it’s much more easy to start combos like normals -> openers using CA than without it. Without CA the player must pay attention, he said that even very good players drop combos sometimes, and it’s true. I watch matches between pro KI gamers very often and even these guys makes mistakes on normals -> openers, CA would prevent it for sure. Even so I don’t think it worth because CA is kinda limitating, you can’t change enders, linkers are always the same, I don’t know… personally I don’t like CA.

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They had this in other fighters. Marvel 3 had it. And as I mentioned earlier so did cvs 2. Persona 4 arena also had an easy mode where you just pressed one button to mash a combo out. In the end they didn’t help someone lower level player beat someone good at the game. I came from marvel 3 before ki and never lost to someone using simple mode.


Hadoukens using one button is very different than what is happening in KI, where they affect combos only (not neutral).

Giving one button shoryukens is terrible because it impacts the neutral and makes reactions easier. What KI has done is very different from that. The only technically challenging part of combos (manuals) is not impacted by combo assist.

I could play 100 games against random opponents and not know (or care) whether they are using combo assist because the game looks identical. The only way I’d be able to tell is if they are really bad in neutral but are pulling off long combo strings of the same button (usually a good indicator of combo assist). But because that changes nothing about how I’m going to beat them, nor do they get an advantage over me in any way, it doesn’t matter.

The only actually bad part about combo assist is if it gives access to really strong option selects, and at launch it did do that. But they removed those pretty quick and since then, I haven’t heard anybody say anything negative about it. Meanwhile, I’m sure it has done its job and helped some beginners stick with the game longer than they otherwise would have.


Having a combo assist indicator online would be no different than having something on their player card saying “I’m a dirty, dirty cheater.” People that see it would likely disconnect from matches more frequently, and if they did win matches the amount of salt thrown their way would grow exponentionally.

And like everyone else here has said, it would be to no benefit. The people using it would still be lousy at KI’s mind games, and get beat just as easily.

Combo Assist is fine just the way it is.


SF4 on 3DS DOES have 1 button special and 1 button whatever you want to map it to. But it doesnt make you a better player.
It does annoy me when the Ultra assist is on and in the heat of a hard fought battle you loose to an easy 2 button sequence…but that’s all it is…annoying… I could use it too but I prefer not too.

It still doesnt help you avoid being in that loosing situation anymore than with out CA.