Lets talk about "Easy Mode"

When you can do flash kicks and sonic booms without charge, I think it makes you a better player heh.


SFIV for 3DS was clearly aimed for casual audience, not for tournaments. Being able to use any charge move without needing to charge them was pretty broken


KI doesn’t have charge moves so even if they did add one button specials to KI, it wouldn’t really make you that much of a better player besides instant dp.

Considering how bad the controls stank, you needed all the help you could get.

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I feel that describes every controller Nintendo has made since the SNES…maybe the N64? It worked pretty well for KI gold, though I still have a callous on my left thumb from both of the original home KI games to be honest.

Yeah but we are talking against the CPU …not against a human player…so it really doesnt matter. You arent learning anything so you do not become a better player.

How do you know that you have never lost to someone using CA? I mix up my combos. Unless I say something, no one knows I use it. I know people who will repeat the same exact combo without CA on.

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A lot of online players use CA and I know they use Ultra assist. Ive never seen anyone at an off line event us CA though.

has anyone seen someone at off line event use CA?

Not really needed. I use it because there can be a timing difference between online and offline. It makes sure I don’t drop a combo due to lag.

I was using it when I beat Cstyles :grin:

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Nobody uses because it a shame, and I think no one use in a championship is a natural rule.

It’s not a shame. If someone uses Combo Assist, no one would even care. High level players don’t use it for 2 reasons.

  1. They aren’t used to it and find it easier without Combo Assist.
  2. Combo Assist makes doing certain things harder for them.
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Rico actually used combo assist at CEO.


No no… I’ve never lost to someone BECAUSE of CA. I have no idea who is using it, although when somebody is using the same combo over and over again it can be a tall tell sign.

People would have an issue if the person that won used it. The first thing people would staying would be “CA is the only reason they won. Why don’t they try and win without it”.

The one thing that annoys me is Ultra assist. I dont like that you can do a light crouching attack hit confirm and plink 3P or 3K to get an automatic ultra with not difficulty of the motion that quick after a light hit confirm in the heat of close match. Especially for a DP command Ultra.

But…its there and there isnt anything I can do about it except DONT LOOSE… so its not a deal breaker for me…but it can be annoying when I see it happen online and IM like " OH I know you didnt mean to do that!"

But seriously OP @FireInForest you need to just get over it and practice practice practice… and not worry about CA as a whole.

My only concern about showing that mode being used would be the amount of nasty messages players would get because they won with it. Some players would be nasty about knowing they lost to someone with CA on.

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I couldn’t care less about combo assist. Everything that can be said about it has already been said. I think it’s fabulous for my casual friends and I have zero concerns about people using it in competetive play.

But the idea of sticking a label on people using it only makes sense if you want to use it as a pejorative. There is no reason to want this information other than to be salty and spread the false idea that CA helps players beat you unfairly.


You won’t find a single pro player who has any concern about whether someone uses combo assist. The fact is it’s fantastic for new players, it gets them in and having fun much earlier. For fighting game players canceling specials for combos is status quo thus it’s not terrible difficult. But for people new to fighting games this is a foreign concept that can take them a while to learn.

Anyways to the initial point I was making about pro players. I think there is a gap in the learning curve of KI where a new player gets to the point where they understand the games basic mechanics but not well enough to know what’s difficult to execute and what’s simple. It’s in this gap that you see players complain about combo assist and label it “easy mode”. Eventually if the player who is in this gap continues to play and continues to improve they move out of the gap and will inevitably come to the realization that CA is not the threat they thought it was.

I should say where you fall on the learning curve of a game has no bearing on how you are defined as a person it’s simply where you stand in the game so try not to take offense to what I’ve said.


Yesterday my nephew cried (on twitch) because he couldn’t beat my shadow (he was using combo assist) Combo assist is fine, you just need to adjust some things when facing someone using it.

It can look like they play a little desperate but it’s not hard to read in the end. I tried it myself and I had trouble when going for my manual style play and other stuff.

How about making a change to matchmaking that only matches players that either both have combo assist enabled or both have combo assist disabled

This would make it so players that choose not to use combo assist never get an opponent that does use combo assist