Let's design a tag team mode

These are some random ideas I got, share if you wish.

Characters are not interchangeable for free during the bout. Certain conditions have to be met. For example.

Characters will have a character swap combo ender. This ender does not cash out, but leaves the opponent either staggered or flipped out. That is one of the few moments were the characters can be switched.

Shadow character swap wakeup: Spend one bar with a wake up move that lets you change your character. This shadow move is treated as a wakeup DP, very unsafe on block.

To encourage character swapping, and to make the bouts shorter and more intense, the first team to lose a character, loses the fight. This is made to avoid using one character during the whole fight and then changing to the other only when the first dies. Creative character swapping is the goal of this mode.

Characters can call their partner for a shadow assist mode. This assist is treated as an ARIA assist. The assistant character receives damage if tagged, but can’t be comboed.

Shadow combo breakers and shadow counter breakers: The shadow breaker breaks the combo while also swapping character. This breaker does indeed damage to the opponent. The shadow counterbreaker swaps characters while giving a 5 second lockout, as normal.

If a shadow counterbreaker catches a shadow combo breaker, both opponents get caught in the combo during the lockout. Whih means both opponents can be ultra’d at the same time.

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Similar to Aria’s body change wouldn’t it?

Aside from the obvious - being that we all want a tag mode feature. I feel as if these rules don’t fit well in the scheme of KI. I hate to say it, but I will like it to be similar to MK9’s tag team mode with some applied restrictions that doesn’t change the game drastically but instead simply allows the ability to partner up.


well, I don’t really think we’ll ever have this mode, but it’s a fun exercise to imagine it.

I know but the thought is something great, it would also give more options to a game that came out in 2013.

Let’s not. There are enough tag mode games out there who do it good and make it their core, let’s not slap on a half-arsed version to this awesome 1v1 game.

While your at it, encourage Coop between local players. and allow them to xchoose the same character if they want to.

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There’s many people inerested in this. But the chance of it happening is slim. So, at least, people interested in it can write their thoughts as a cathartic experience. Writing ones thoughts on a subject makes one feel better

double mirror match? cool idea.

Can you imagine Aganos x4 on screen? That’s what, 20 walls at once? LOL. Madness!

I would love something as follows

Online Time, 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4

Each chooses a character and is in line. Begins the first match of random mode A1 vs B1

Whoever wins goes to the next opponent WITHOUT BACK TO LIFE, as a survival.

Then the second round would be A2 vs. B1

And so to finish. It would be a team effort to win all matches

Each player has their turn and play the best possible!


I think Tag would be fun as hell. Imagine the crazy setups you could do, especially with juggling being a larger part of the game now. I don’t think I’ve ever dislike a Tag or Team mode in any past fighting game. I used the hell out of this mode in MK9.

Both players on a team would just need to share KV and Instinct meter to avoid mayhem.

That way, My bro and I can show that we are a deadly pack of riptors.

Here we go again…

Ultras combine both characters’ ultra and cannot be skipped (lol), get ready for triple double ultras.

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This is my biggest fear! D:

4 Arias though :-o


no tag team plz


would rather have more chars, stages, modes, anything over tag team. Game wasn’t meant to be a tag game. Tag in MK9 was never really used by that many ppl

How about system wars tag team? PC VS XBOX 2vs2

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I don’t see it working to have multiple characters on-screen at a time, and having an assist or action swap mode sounds like a balancing and technical nightmare.

Only way I see a tag team mode work well without too much resources spent is to have it where a team of characters fights another team of characters in a survivor type mode where health and meter stays. Essentially a group survivor mode. Maybe with lower health bars for faster rotations.

Ooh orchid and Kim Wu


Maya and sadirA

Or Kim Wu and Hisako

Or orchid and Maya

Or GLACIUS and Kim Wu

Or thunder and orchid

Or tusk and sadira

Riptor and Aria all the way.