Let me ban combo assist in my lobbies

And let know to ur lobbies People’s that u don’t agree the combo assist players in ur lobbies it’s so simple ( the same regels as in some tournaments

… anyway I don’t see the difference playing with or without assist cause it’s just risky to be on assist u have to be very careful and ur easily breakable also that’s a good idea why nope.

I want an option to ban people who are somehow annoyed by combo assist from my lobby.

Give them a mode where they can play on their own.

I want to only play with people who don’t have a chip on their shoulder about new players having it easier than they did.


First off it’s your opinion that playing the game without CAM is playing the game “properly” you’re entitled to your opinion but I respectfully disagree. People can play the game however they like when you play something it’s your choice. Some argue that if you Zone you’re not playing the game properly (You can see how it’s a subjective ridiculous opinion). Personally I enjoy the game without CAM, but I’m sure I’ve played numerous people who were using and not once did I feel cheated or make the claim that they were not playing the game properly. Second how on earth am I being punished by playing without CAM, I’m pretty sure I’ve yet to lose a match against a CAM player if anything they’re being somewhat punished by having limited options and mashing too hard as not to end a combo and cash out potential damage. Again we’ll have to agree to disagree on whether or not I’m being punished because I choose not to use it.

I agree tutorials are great. But as someone who has gaming ADD (My steam library has 130+ games) I will tell you that I find the tutorial portion of games to generally be unenjoyable especially ones that are a bore because they treat me like an idiot.

And lastly what I feel really is the crux of the issue is the logic you make that people don’t want to learn the game so why encourage them to play it. To that I’d say because you can grow the community and easily have the best of both worlds, let them enjoy the game which possibly encourages them to learn more about it. I can speak from experience on this, I’ve always been interested in SF4 but have never taken the time to pick it up because I know I won’t be able to play it to my satisfaction out of the box. The learning curve is quite steep and will likely require me to spend a lot of time in the lab learning 1 frame links, and option selects and since I just want to play it I rather not spend all that time doing that.

Accessibility is important. Super Smash brothers is playable out of the box, Dead or Alive is playable out of the box, and now KI is playable out of the box. People are going to stick with a game if they enjoy it. A lot of enjoyment comes from the “cool stuff” factor if you gate all of your cool stuff behind an execution barrier new players are not going to find it enjoyable. Someone posted a thread of their parents playing each other without CAM. It was nothing but pokes, no blocking, no nothing it was pretty awful. Even MKX has mashable strings that do short combos, they dress up throws and specials while also adding easy to execute fatalities (look at their execution now compared to the original MK games) so that new players can at least see some “cool stuff” without labbing 40%+ combo loops.

Basically you can be an elitist and gate your game with execution and limit it’s overall success which could have a significant effect on updates and future content. Or you can make it accessible to everyone thereby increasing the likelihood that it will succeed. And given once S3 drops there will be absolutely zero logical advantages to CAM I can’t fathom how this is a bad thing.

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If it wasn’t high to begin with why have CAM then?

Killer Instinct is playable “outside the box” and Smash 4 doesn’t have a combo assist so I don’t see your point. Also, I’m not an elitist, I was hoping to learn Killer Instinct and play against good players who don’t have to rely on shortcuts. But if the direction of fighting games is to dumb down a game for the sake of money then I question the integrity of this community.

You didn’t read my full post. Smash 4 allows you to mash and do “cool stuff” out of the box. You can mash attack and do a combo and you can do a smash attack with just one button press. You can also substitute button presses with using the analog stick which is a shortcut to pressing a direction+input hold. So yeah, smash has shortcuts for directional inputs.

Your viewpoint by definition is elitist- “favoring, advocating, or restricted to an elite.”. You think the combo system should be restricted to a subclass of players who can all perform special cancels in combo.

If you really cared about being a good player and playing good players I don’t think you’d care one way or another about CAM. Truly good players don’t care which input device someone uses or what shortcuts they are using so long as they are staying within the games mechanics.

There is literally nothing preventing you from learning to play the game without CAM.


Lobby mode needs an over haul in general

My old post about this

I don’t think it’s up to you to tell me what I should think. I do know a good player doesn’t have to resort to shortcuts when playing others as if they are on equal footing.

Games like CSGO have a casual and a competitive mode to accommodate players who just wanna have fun or wanna test their skill. It has a huge competitive scene and they didn’t have to give players the option to enable some aim assist for players who were new to the game, they would just practice.

Smash 4 doesn’t pretend to be a game for handcore fighting fans, that’s why the controls are simplified to begin with and that’s fine if that’s the audience you were targeting. If killer Instinct was just about mind games and other stuff you were listing it would have had simple controls from the beginning.

Like I said before, Killer Instinct isn’t very big and they’re desperate to grow it. CAM is the equivalant to aim assist, both don’t belong in a competitive environment.

Use practice mode to overcome dependence on Combo Assist. Not lobbies.

I can’t even begin to tell you the wonderous things I taught my hands to do in Practice mode…

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You will both be fine.
People will play shooters for no reason outside of it being a shooter. That’s a terrible analogy.

KI is just about mind games. That’s what you’re missing. It’s about getting on your opponents head and reading them. If you’re losing to people using CAM, it’s because you aren’t reading them and getting in their head.

Eww… I don’t think I want to know what you taught your hands in practice mode…


“CAM is equivalent to aim assist”


That’s not a counterargument.

I would really like to know what that advantage is. As far as I know, the breaking rules apply the same way so there’s no real advantage there. If you really wanted to learn combos, I would suggest getting the hang of it in Training.

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Two day one players. One with Cam on, the other with out it. There is a huge advantage there. Other than that I would say it’s good for opening combos. A lot of people early on can’t go into a combo from a random normal hit. Assist pretty much confirms that combo there. I’d say if the OP makes a lobby only wanting people in his level day one and wants to play the classic way, fighting against people with CAM pretty much makes you want to just use CAM and not learn the game the proper way because it’s an easy shortcut.

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Other than opener assist that provides certain offensive option selects of sorts (and then again, this may very well be by design, just downplayed in presentation), I don’t really think that CAM affects actual game in any shape or form.

Warning: heavily opinionated piece below.

You see, I’m not an oldschool FG dude who remembers times when sitting in practice mode trying to do hadokens was supposed to represent your hero spending years harnessing technique of creating energy balls out of thin air with bare hands (which obviously can fail outside of controlled environment if you don’t practice enough); or when you were supposed (almost literally) to spin your opponent’s character with your left hand together with your comrade 'Gief.

It is my personal opinion that interface in the game should be that - interface. A way for the game to unambiguously know what you want your character to do, nothing more.

This translates into several ideas:

  1. Overcomplicated inputs are pointless.

There’s no point in assigning 2146P input to a move if, say, 214P input is vacant. And before that, consider P or 4P. Why? Because if there are no conflicting inputs, then that would be just enough for the game to recognize what you are trying to do. I think this example illustrates the idea well enough. By the way, I think that KI does exemplar job here.

  1. Tweaking interface shouldn’t result in things like game starting to make a decision for the player unless you specifically intend to change more than just interface.

Mashing a good poke to put opponent on defensive is one decision. Risking an opener from that poke for better reward is another. If same input can do both, that’s not really “unambiguously”, but since the best option is chosen, we do not see it as a badly designed interface, we see it as something that has purely gameplay repercussions. Like I said, that may or may not be intended, but if it is, the question arises, why alternative control scheme you provide does not offer same functionality? Well, that was rhetoric question, but you get what I mean.

  1. Well, options.

What is convenient and easy to one isn’t necessarily so for another. Thankfully, we at least get to remap buttons in most FGs. This one is obvious and also tend to cause controversies, so I’ll leave it at that.

To sum it up, I’m mixed on the feature itself.

If not for the fact that opener assist is a thing, I would’ve replied to OP, “if your control scheme is less convenient to you than mine to me, then you probably should improve yours rather than ask me to downgrade”. Better mouse over old and battered up was always an advantage, so was convenient key binding over nonsensical one. It was up to “lagging” party to catchup, not vica versa.

But since there’s a point where it affects decision making, I cannot really say that with a straight face. That still means that I’m of the opinion that OP complains about wrong side of the issue.

I do admit that many people can appreciate execution “minigame” both for the sake of it and what it means in terms of gameplay, as well as I understand that meta built around complex option selects can behave identically to meta built around basic moves (with a caveat “…but with more mashing”, which can be seen as something to go against bullet 1), but like I said, this post is an opinion.

EDIT: But excuse me while I’m busy violently frowning upon the notion that CAM and similar concepts “dumb the game down”. Intellectual work that is relegated to your higher nervous functions isn’t affected by proverbial “amount of button presses”. On te other hand, repeating of arcane input until you can’t drop it is, IMO, the definition of mindless work.

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World Cup results. No one in the top 8 used CAM.

We have the closest thing to absolute objective evidence that CAM doesn’t give an advantage over experienced players…

And people still say it’s cheat-mode…

Hah. Back in the day we didn’t have practice mode. We wasted quarters trying to get hadoukens out and got our butts kicked :older_man:

While the point is taken, CAM was disallowed at KIWC. I personally doubt it would have been used (accidental hit confirms are a ■■■■■), but figure we should probably be accurate here.


it was not allowed at KIWC.

And with the patching of all the stuff that was wrong with cam - the mode will be fine in the future.

But without showing the bad sides and the moaning (i was a big part of it) this would not be the case.

So it was good to moan about hte mode with arguments against it.

2 things. 1, It wasn’t used because it was banned from the tournament. And it was banned because it DOES give an advantage right now with the ridiculous auto-openers. But the devs already stated they’re toning that down, so whatever.

2, “CAM doesn’t give an advantage over experienced players”. I think we can all agree on that (while working as originally intended, at least), however, that is precisely the opposite of what the OP is saying. He is not an experienced player. He is still learning the game. CAM abosuletly gives an advantage over inexperienced players.

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