Let me ban combo assist in my lobbies

as a bad player trying to learn the game it sucks that I cannot stop people from using conbo assist in my lobbies.
Anyone else agree?


Combo assist doesn’t make you a certified badass all of a sudden, I don’t really get the hate.


uhmmm…no…lol but for real, how do you know if they are even using it, and another thing, practice bro, especially the new combo break training. if you lose to a person who “mash” combos then you should be able to beat them no problem because they dont know what they are doing.

Why do I have to play people who have an advantage, when im actually trying to learn the combos?
There is literally no reason not to do this.


Your not going to win this battle here on the forums… either join em and use CAM as a fail safe (You can still over ride every move in the game) or deal with it by beating them. But I promise you you are only going to get bashed for this thread.

The only thing that’s probably getting you is the opener assist… opponents are opening you up way to easy. So that means you have to work on your defense…not your combos

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I would agree if Combo Assist effected the timing of combos or something like that but since it only removes inputs I don’t really understand the hate its gets. Just removes a fairly minor execution barrier.

I’ll laugh if you get the option to remove it and still get trashed in your lobbies. It does literally nothing for you in this game. If you’re losing to somebody mashing RB then you’re doing something wrong, working on your game or not.

Keits said it best during the interview during Bo3. The combos aren’t the big thing in KI. It’s the mind games. Combo assist doesn’t help you with that. All combo assist does is make flashy things happen on screen

I dont get it.
Free crutch?
If they don’t want to play w/o combo assist, don’t enter my lobby?

People seem to be missing the point of the OP’s post. And yeah, he does have a very real and valid complaint against the system.

He’s a beginner who is trying to learn the game the way that it has been played for the past 2.5 years. The “traditional” way (s.c.r.e.w. the incoming hate on that term). He creates his own lobby in hopes of playing against other like minded people only to have it filled with people using combo assist.

It doesn’t take a genius to pick out combo assist users right now. It defaults to being on and hit confirming into combos is not an actual thing with it on.

So yes a person who may be coming from another fighting game and doesn’t like the sound of “Combo Assist” is going to probably turn it off and be at an immediate disadvantage. And despite what the developers and forum dwellers may say, it could actually turn some people away. Just refer to the original post as an example.

The only thing I can tell you man is just hang in there until the season 3 changes hit. They still, stubbornly, will not allow you to control who you play against (stupid imo), but they are going to make combo assist users actually have to do some work with confirming into a combo. So it will be more of equal footing for beginners who don’t want to use it.

DISCLAIMER- I am not a beginner. I do not have problems beating CAM users. I do not have a problem with the idea of CAM getting new people into the game. /END DISCLAIMER


I wouldn’t expect them to do this. The devs have stated pretty definitively that they don’t want to segregate out the CAM-using population at all, with all the good and bad that entails.

I can understand that it’s frustrating playing against people who have a structural advantage against you (b/c at low level that’s what CAM is). I kind of think you have two (not mutually exclusive) options:

  1. Turn on CAM for yourself as a safety net. CAM is overridden by normal inputs, so it’s entirely possible to play with it it active and still play normally. It just changes your “ability” drop combos basically. Depending on who you play though it can pretty drastically change how you approach their combo trait, so there’s that to keep in mind.

  2. Focus on improving your defense and neutral game. As someone above said, you aren’t necessarily losing because your opponent didn’t drop his combo - you’re losing because you missed break opportunities and got opened up in the first place. Not a knock against you by any means, by the way, as defense and the combo game are hard, and everyone gets locked out and opened up. But improving these skill will help you become much better at the game and help you beat anyone, whether they’re using CAM or not.

Hope that helps. As I said, the devs seem committed to CAM being integrated into the game and community, so you’re going to have to work around it a bit.

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I don’t agree with trying to encourage people to turn on CAM who don’t want to use it. If a person want’s to learn to play the game the same way you and I learned to play it, let him. Just because IG introduced an alternate way of playing the game as a set of “training wheels” (to quote the developer), that doesn’t mean it has to be the new starting point for 100% of the new bloods.

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I think S3 will solve a bunch of peoples complaints since people will have to intentionally do an opener. I understand the frustration people currently have of players getting openers by blind luck. That said once that happens I really don’t see a solid argument against it, it’s really the same game you’re both playing the other person is just doing their moves with different inputs.

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I think that was a fairly mild “encouragement” for him to use CAM. I’ve no dog in the fight either way, and simply presented options for his issue (feeling like his opponents have a structural advantage against him). He’s free to take or leave them as he wills.

Yes there should be an option ban it for lobbies if desired. Recently the lobbies have been inundated with new players with character levels at 1, as well sometimes as their rank levels. It is difficult to say who is using Combo Assist, but it is evident when a character level is at 1 and they’re playing fairly decently. The only thing that gives it away is the button mashing as they swipe at thin air from across the screen. They may have had the practice to learn combo breakers and that’s all they basically need to play and move up the rankings. We’ll never really know.

I have noticed a shift in the lobbies with many more newbies making a lobby and kicking anyone that joins it, multiple times. Instead of just setting criteria to have private slots open and to have only certain rank permitted to join; that one issue really is a pain and quite annoying. Combo Assist is a good tool, but players are most certainly taking advantage of it, in annoying ways, I think. It is abused by some for the effortless combos it allows.

I guess I’ll agree to disagree. If they are mashing in combo assist and doing alright that’s fantastic. Without combo assist they would still be mashing, they are brand new. What mashing equated to before was a bunch of horrible pokes and never even getting into the combo system. And to me that scenario is a snore for both players, I don’t learn to recognize patterns or break better and they get frustrated by getting straight up stomped and never coming close to doing any damage.

Seriously guys the only legit complaint I feel if you want to be credible in getting better yourself is that it can be frustrating that they land some lucky openers, and that’s going to change in season 3. Outside of that if you’re bothered by combo’s you really do have a lot to improve on, because the combo system is incredibly easy to execute even without CAM.

And for those of you who specifically fit that mold CAM is an amazing tool for you since you can override the CAM inputs with your fireball and dragon punch inputs thereby allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

The heart of this game isn’t difficulty in execution it’s the mind games, combo, combo breaker, counter breaker, resets, reversals, mixups, etc. That’s really the heart of every fighting game it’s just many have a lot less options and are far less accessible to people because of their strict execution barriers.

If you are really all about being rewarded for high execution and practicing to master it, I honestly encourage you to try a different game. I really feel like that dynamic is not what KI is all about. There are many fighting games out that have characters with incredibly difficult execution.


I don’t think CAM get (many) newcomers in the game. It seems to be more suited towards people who do not intend to learn the games properly, like your mother or your little sister. They can mash and do cool stuff now. People who want to learn how to play will be better of turning off combo assist because it doesn’t learn anyone anything.

There may be some people who like the combo’s and are then motivated to learn how to play but if they weren’t intrigued by watching someone else play, CAM isn’t going to do it either.

I’m learning how to play on stick and I’m not very good.

I would like to ban pad players from my lobby so everyone has to learn the same way I do.


Seems to me you’re saying that players who bothered to learn the game properly should have to deal with the fact that the developers are trying to cater to people who don’t want to learn the game in the first place. Whether or not Killer Instinct is about combos is irrelevant, it’s a part of the game and players who put in the time to do the executions shouldn’t be punished because devs want to give casuals a shortcut at the expense of others.

If they really want to get more players into Killer Instinct they should make official tutorials that are accessible to everybody, that way they have all the resources they need to improve. At the very least, there should be a casual mode if new players just wanna have fun and use CAM.

You can agree with people in your lobby to turn it off, right? Especially if you have like-minded people that want to train and get better without CAM (it’s like taking the training wheels off for others you invite that currently use CAM)

If for example, you would invite me and ask that we train without CAM on, that’s fine, isn’t it?

How does CAM punish you for having learned execution? Your opponent gets rewarded despite of not having put in the time but that doesn’t change anything for you. You yourself get the exact same rewards and the satisfaction* of having done it properly.

*Even though the execution barrier is not high in KI and it’s really not that satisfactory to do a standard combo.