Learning frame data: 101

Hello ultra combo forums members, as some of you may know, I GIAC ItzTymetodul, am apart of a group effort in Washington DC to support the offline KI scene in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Gaming Is A Calling (GIAC) was founded on bringing the FGC together and we’re back at it with another rescuing mechanism to INSPIRE THOSE who find it difficult to get into fighting games.

WELP! You won’t have to worry much more :smile: The team has developed a beginner guide to understanding your first step into serious play (learning Frame Data). While this sounds similar to the thread that @CStyles45 made “Understand Hitboxes and Attack data in Killer Instinct” (Understand Hitboxes and Attack Data in Killer Instinct), this video is a UNIVERSAL approach to frame data in a fighting game.

If you think you’ll like to watch, watch it right here: https://youtu.be/2lVz8u_KGwg



This almost sounds like a military function… Am I correct.

No. Lmao.

I thought it was silly question.

Why is this “off topic?”

Didn’t know where to place it. Plus It’s a sfv related video.

One thing important to note about in game KI frame data is that the first active frame is not included in the startup frames like it is for SF. Whereas a “4 frame” jab in SF comes out on frame 4, it comes out on frame 5 in KI (as you have 4 frames of startup and THEN the move becomes active).

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