LCD's thoughts on KI

This needs to be discussed




As much as I don’t like a lot of things he has said and done in the past I wanna thank him for this video.

I don’t agree with everything but I agree that the quality of the game went down and a lot of stuff didn’t get upgraded in time.

That’s the stuff I agree on

  1. The bugs are sooo annoying! IG needs to give us more feedback on them. The bug report thread is exploding
  2. Training mode is just horrible.
  3. Online modes. I want an online mode exactly as LCD describes it.
  4. I wanna buy new costumes! I am throwing money at the screen but nothing happens. I do NOT want those cheap skins.

He was so close to leaving without a farewell speech.

Respect gone.

No. No it doesn’t.


Please don’t let this be driven by your personal thoughts on LCD because he made some good points in this vid.


These are things he’s said one million times before, and I don’t feel like increasing it to one million and one times I’ve heard it.


What does he say in the video? (wow, almost 2 hours) I can’t really watch it right now so.

Didn’t they already fix the frame data on training mode? I think it was in the previous patch.

On another point though your post reminds me of the people in my the lol community that always ask for less skins and champions and fluff and instead for riot to do more bug fixes. And as always the response is the same. Different employees do different things. Your literally asking for the all the employees at iron galaxy working on KI charecter design, artists, lore writers/authors, animators and etc. to stop working, and stop getting paid in the vain hope that it will somehow affect the ENTIRELY different group of people dedicated to bug fixing do their job faster( it won’t)

bug fixes take time and effort to fix a problem without causing your fix to start a domino effect and create even more bugs. When they are done then it will be done.

Although I still do wish they would make creating cool skins and costumes a bigger priority slashing the job of other people in the dev team will not help.

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Isn’t he banned

2 hours? Jeez…

I agree that bugs are a serious problem in this game and the developers should invest more in fixing and preventing them, rather than sitting on major issues like the Fulgore instinct and current Kan-Ra cancelling bugs in the game for months. But all the other stuff is either debatable or not big enough to stop enjoying the core gameplay over.

I just can’t wrap my head around how the issues KI has are killing the community like this, but other games still thrive to this day even with tons of criticism over their balance and big issues like terrible netcode, extremely shallow and sparse content, input lag, etc.


Alright I just got finished watching and I completely agree with what he talked about.


He’s just mad because he called out another player for $1000 and got destroyed…kappa? :joy:


I’m thinking that if MS does make another KI game, they should hire DH again and give the game a bigger budget. I feel that @TheLCD3 is spot on with everything he said. Bring back mick gordon, learn from @Ravan86 's ideas and you got another great game.

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Double Helix? Not everything they made was perfect. Just like not everything IG has made is perfect. But overall they both did a good job. Don’t knock on IG and pretend everything DH did was godlike. Have you not seen some of those season 1 retros? Lol


And now for my questions…
Who is LCD?
If this “needs” to be discussed, why aren’t they here discussing it? …or are they just trying to get clicks on a video?


He was for the “make Orchid the face of KI again” troll thread. I won’t go into details of it here, anyone that wants to can go check it out for themselves. I’m assuming he’s served his time though, because his profile doesn’t mention him being banned.

I can honestly say I’m about 11.5 min in and I already can’t wait for him to get to the point.


I didn’t mean it like that. I just want at some point closer to the end of the season or games life cycle for it to get cleaned up. Like I said their great at what they do and I think ki is excellent game. I just want more polish.

The fixed a lot of it, but it’s still wrong on plenty of things and, I’m pretty sure, it needs to be manually updated every time there’s a change (jago’s wind kick as a recent example). Which means that it’s possible to be horrendously out of date (like it was) unless they make sure it gets done every patch.

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This is my problem trying to watch or read anything he posts.

If you’re going to talk about a subject, and want to be taken seriously, make bullet points for yourself and make sure you’re clear and concise through edits and talking yourself through it (or writing/typing it up in a document like a script) to help weed out downtime and mistakes.

Edit: Sorry for the double post.


I can understand a lot of the issues he’s going through whether I agree with him or not.

But if there’s one thing I do agree with is that KI NEEDS a bigger budget. It’s been three years now the game deserves it

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