LCD's last video depicts my exact feelings about the future ok KI!

My take on this matter is that IG should close this game out with S3, we got plenty of stuff to do with shadow lords coming and all these characters. All we need it’s just some new costumes/colors and other small stuff until a proper sequel makes us all go freaking crazy!

Also, the game needs to rest for a while, give time for new players to learn and git gud. A game that evolves so rapidly is great for us that picked it up from day one, but is really hard for newcomers (also for FGC big names from other communities). If IG and MS just focus on promoting KI competitive scene and genereting more awareness the reveal of a sequel could be a really huge deal!

Quoting myself:P

so my hash tag would be #KIsequelFTW XD What’s yours?

PS: Great vid @CrazyLCD ! I’m with you man!


Nobody asking for a sequel seems to be talking about what direction they want the gameplay to go in. It’s all good and well to talk about higher graphical fidelity and various features you want to see, but by definition a sequel is a different game. The same mechanics with better graphics and features around the side is a remaster or a remake, maybe with the downside that we’d have to wait for all the characters and whatnot to come back all over again, and the question becomes, why should people buy the same game all over again just for better graphics?

So if you’re asking for a sequel, you must be interested in seeing KI go in some sort of new gameplay direction. If you’re in that camp, do you have any ideas as to what that direction could be?


I for one want a season 4. I think although I respect LCD he’s just another one the semi pro player saying how he didn’t like season 3 well bro adjust. Stagger and flipout are nice additions. as far as a sequel I don’t think it’s time yet season 4 should be the last if we get an s4 it’ll four character but stages n system changes.


As the devs have said multiple times in the past, the 3 seasons are pretty much different games gameplay wise. So if they went for a season 4 the gameplay would change drastically anyway.

BUT, the trend has been to add mechanics on top of the excellent core of KI (mid combo mixups and mindgames) and retune the whole thing.

A sequel would be a perfect chance to cleanup everything,

This is what I would do:

  1. I would keep only the mechanics that proved to be good for competition, that the community love and that make the game fun, and refine those to perfection.

  2. Keep the seasonal approach but just to add characters, content and rebalance without changing the gameplay dramatically. This would make the game more appealing for the competitive scene. Relearn the game and your character every season is fun but not optimal for competitors. Also I feel casual players like me could become better at the game having more time to master their characters.

  3. Fix every little issue the current game cant fix because of its engine and because of the dual dev team mess. (Implement head tracking, Improve animation quality and concistency, improve presentation)

  4. Make it a AAA title and blast a proper cinematic story mode.

I think these are good reasons to desire a proper sequel :slight_smile:


I Like stagger and flip out. They are great adds to the game , What I DONT LIKE ABOUT THEM , AND ALSO THE ONLY THING I DONT LIKE ABOUT RECAP ,IS THAT THOSE ADDS ARE NOT FOR EVERY ONE , THOSE ELEMENTS ARE PART OF THE MECHANICHS , LIKE COMBO BREAKING , SHADOW COUNTER , COUNTER BREAKER ETC . ALL THE CHARACTER SHOULD HAVE THEM . Is like for example in soul calibur some character have side step and others dont. That is the way i feel about no recap, flip and stagger for all the characteres.

I lkie KI A LOT … And i would like to see this game completed with ultimates , bug fix and some KI and 2 Stages. If season 4 will give me that im more than happy,if not . Fix the bugs , ultimates and make a sequel , unreal engine 4 please, More Budget.

This game has a lot of potential , but some times is like if MS think different .

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To me they should just keep doing seasons until the next xbox is out.


Not even one word out of place. Agree almost in everything.

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I don’t understand what the difference is between a sequel and further improvements of the existing game. Improving graphical fidelity could hit via updates to the existing game (as happened between S2 and S3). And we already know that mechanics and cosmetics can come at us via updates rather than new games.

The only thing a new game would allow IG to do with reduced backlash is take things out of the game. It would be hard for IG to introduce season 4 and, for instance, remove Cinder from the game. But, they could make a new KI and just never introduce Cinder (I mean, no they couldn’t, but other characters could maybe be removed this way).

So what would KI2 offer that a further revised KI1 couldn’t? I think the real question worth asking is just a general “to where should the game go from here?” Then, we can debate whether new characters or no mercys or new mechanics or cinematic story mode or in-game tournament-centric quality-of-life features would be best.

Personally, I think S4 could go by without any new characters or gameplay mechanics. Instead, the IG team could focus on quality of life adjustments and hype-factor features like no mercys, revamped sound design in a few places (shadow move impact sounds, for instance) and maybe higher fidelity character models. I’d pay for that stuff.

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Only to a certain extent. The Hex engine has some costraints that have no workaround. I’m sure IG would gain much more freedom with a different engine. Also I don’t think that they want to go back and improve the presentation consistency of all the characters. The game has the marks of the dev transition… I just think a new game, IG from start to finish would feel a lot more cohesive.


My only problem with a new KI is this. “My favorite character is not there”. “X” character is OP and needs nerfed. “X” character is weak and needs buffs. " The move that I liked is not in this version of KI"

I can live without that crap. Yes I know that some of that is going on now, but I don’t want to hear it for each character in the game if they make a new one.


That’s a sad reality of life for fighting games. You can’t never deal with that.

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Yeah. Everyone would do that. But no two people actually agree on which mechanics this would be.

If they stop making KI 2013 seasons it will be because they don’t see any more potential for the game. In which case a sequel will be highly unlikely.

All of this sequel begging is just people who don’t like something about the current game wanting to fantasize that in a sequel what they don’t like would be “fixed.” It’s easy to stay stuff like “refined to perfection,” but impossible to know what that even means.


Any more seasons and new mechanics is liable to make the game unbalanced. I feel right now is a good time to place to stop KI. Get the bonus character for S3 made, maybe at 1-2 more characters and stages for everyone in the mean time, with some balance tweaks every so often, but let it go as it is for a couple years and then come out with KI 2 (4?)


I think you might be a little off here. Some people think like that, sure. But I think a sequel to this game for the NEXT GENERATION of Xbox consoles would be good. I do agree that I don’t think there’s much reason for us to make another KI game on the Xbox One, because updating this one will cost less and keep the community stable.

However, I think that not being able to make more seasons is not the same as not having enough creativity to make a sequel. There’s only so much you can do to one game before people get irritated.

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I am not at all questioning the creativity to make a sequel. I’m questioning the business plan. Look around at the state of the fighting game world. I just don’t see MS looking at this game and saying “that’s a wrap. Now let’s invest in a sequel!” As far as generations go, it’s pretty clear we aren’t going to see generations any more from MS. I’m not sure what that means as far as KI.


This. So much this. Given the huge character variety I don’t want eight to ten more characters. We got everyone back from the original, so if we get another couple bonuses and everyone a stage, I say call it until 2018. This has been an amazing adventure.

Seasonal models are what most fighting games should use and adopt imo. How often is it that people want a sequel for a game and then get annoyed because their favourite character got dropped or their favourite mode didn’t make the cut? I’m more interested in a season 4 as only new characters will be added and I am also intrigued to see what happens in the KI lore after Gargos/Eyedol.


I’d rather have a season 4.

We just got Eyedol, I don’t really want to have to start another grassroots campaign to get him put BACK into the game already. Let this game continue to exist, it looks good, it plays good, it doesn’t “need” a new game already. This was basically created as a platform to release content with, the seasons thing works. Lets ride this out a little while longer, okay?

If we have to get a new KI, make it a remastering of this game on a new engine for the Scorpio or something. Keep the content, just add to it and make it epic again. Release the entire thing all 3-4 seasons as one retail priced game and people will buy it all over again.


I don’t know anything about the Scorpio. Would this Remaster you imagine be something you could play KI One players over as well? Or only other Scorpio owners?

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead but if it was done right it’d just be a graphical enhancement but if it was a different engine I don’t know how that would come into play. Good point, now you got me thinking.