LCD Drops the Gauntlet on Thompson

Match was a huge let down honestly. Was expecting some hype close matches. Instead got a British guy yelling in my ear for twenty minutes while LCD didn’t even put up a fight.

ST_Ultimate on Twitch. Shin Tristan’s channel.

I heard it was very interesting.

Sounds like LCD alright.

He got what was coming to him.


I was impressed with how well LCD did in the orchid mirror against wheels. Ultimately it was his demise because it allowed wheels to close the set with wulf, but he put up a good fight with orchid vs. orchid.

Can anyone explain to me why wulf is so good against orchid? Like once wheels picked wulf LCD acted like he was already eliminated. I don’t realize that match up was that bad.


I will say this. Many of the games went down to half health of the second health bars. Granted Jago’s healing means that it could have been closer as well. LCD did get bodied but I enjoyed the games.

FYI they both hung out together pretty much the entire weekend so any hype or tension was long gone by the time they played.

I think the reason Wulf was so tough against LCDs Orchid was Wulfs wake up options and close range options vs LCDs vortex and meaty game plan.

This is scientifically provable.

Does LCD lose to most other Jagos? Answer seems to be no.

Did he lose to Thompson? Answer seems to be yes.

I think this line of reasoning would prove that he lost to Thompson, and not Jago, even in a Phoenix Wright court. And if he knew he was going to lose but chose to spent $500 to prove a point that Jago is a strong character, that seems like a questionable investment to me. But oh well.



Watch how fast he will claim that he would have won if Jago would have had the new update. I am happy that he lost.