Launch Trailer?

If this has been answered/discussed already then my apologies.

I wondered if we could get official confirmation regarding the launch trailer for Season 3, and/or what would be contained within?

They’re so tight-lipped about everything right now I wouldn’t expect a launch trailer to release until a week AFTER season 3 drops.


I hope they shown the silhouette of the character like in Season 2! :slightly_smiling:

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Just curious Dragon but, Why are you interested in the season 3 launch trailer since IG are still at the helm?

That would just beat the purpose in a trailer to begin with.

I have my objections but the family rather like the game regardless as to whom is developing lol

That’s why it was sarcastic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, It’s hard to detect sarcasm on here.

No worries, really though I don’t even expect there to be a launch trailer at all.

I honestly hope there is, more for the people that are on the fence about purchasing

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I bet it’s tomorrow with the Pre Order going up they need a trailer to say the pre order is up.

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I honestly hope there is, more for the people that are on the fence about purchasing
[/quote]I’d be happy if we got one too, I just have my expectations set to zero this season to avoid any more disappointment.

I hope we get one tomorrow … help bring hype for the season.

After the great Batman V Superman trailer (from feb) and the epic Civil War trailer (last week) i need more good trailers :slightly_smiling:

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Actually, I hope there is not.

The rough parts of KI, that some are freaking out over with the new lvl 4 enders, have always been apparent to me in the last ten trailers or so. If they show off the game from its normal angle and at normal speed, then I have no issues with a trailer. (I just don’t like to see that forced 3D angle and watching clunky animations at a slow pace).

Well max did tweet this:

“Woof. Been working for 12 straight hours. Season 3…soon. #KI

Now what could be so important that he had to work 12 hours straight for?


The pre order is going up tomorrow!, Where did you get that info?! :joy:

Most pre orders come with trailers. Why I think it’s going to be tomorrow.

I hope it shows off silouhetttes like the s2 trailer did.

Hoping someone like @rukizzel or @TempusChaoti or jump in and give an idea of when or if?

I bet it’s dropping this week, probably on friday. What I’m not sure about is what’s gonna be in there.

  • hints for the last 4 characters?
  • new modes? we know basically nothing abount possible new game modes…
  • Ultra collection with all 3 seasons for PC only players?

I really hope it’s not just what we’ve seen so far, just mashed in a single trailer.
Anyway, Maximillian tweeted this:

He’s the one who’s working on trailers, this is gotta be it:)