Last two characters guessing game

Let’s guess who the last two characters are going to be, and see if we get it right.

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Sure bet:

Shadow Orchid

What I hope:


Johnna Dark and Shadow Orchid.


I have no bloody idea. Two weeks ago I was certain of J.Dark, but now I’m certain she will not show up. I’m doubtful of any guests, for that matter.

I really hope for Eagle.

I really hope for Shorchid (aka Nightshade) BUT ONLY ON THE CONDITION that she is a forum-derivative (specifically of the ideas brought forward by @Fwufikins, @DEClimax, & @BblackorchidD). No poisonous disjoint & shadow cat divekick saibots? No Shorchid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lastly, but more than all others, I want for one of them to be the Lovecraftian character. There is a distinct lack of tentacles in this universe, let me tell ya.

I do think, however, that regardless of who or what feasible additions are on the horizon w/ regard to the lore, we ought to be prepared for “clones” or “remixes” just to err on the side of not-getting-upset-about-seemingly-unplanned-extra-stuff…


What about Sol Dakuri?


Lovecraftian character, witch or wendigo.

But probably Shorchid and an inexplicable Shark T.J. Combo. :confused:


Some say shorcid and sharkman, others say dark and shorcid, other says wend’s, loves and archer/witch and others says arianna.

Hmmmmm if I had to guess…neither of these characters. Why? Because Ig likes to play us.

True, Kilgore did come out of nowhere after all, so who knows. Maybe IG will surprise us.

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Banjo and Kazooie.


“Kelvin” the rushdown Glacius, please.

What’s more likely… “Shadow Orchid” and one of the other survey characters.


My guessing:

I don’t think there new characters like Eagle, Joanna Dark and others because they are not reimagined. I mean Kilgore is reimagined. Right? And you can see there Shago and Omen middle roster. I believe two character is Shadow Orchid. I don’t like that idea, but still… I’m sure three character is Sharkman because Adam was talking about Sharkman’s gameplay like TJ in 12/9 Textual Stream thread. Hey, Sharkman is my dream character! I really hope he’s three character! Or… I think is it Kelvin? We will find out soon. :wink:

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Hoping it’s Eagle and another original character. Maybe the chain grappler I have been wanting.

Hoping for neither Shorchid or Joanna Dark. :confused:

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Most likely Shadow Orchid and Eagle.

Or even someone who wields a Katana.

It’d be amusing if they were completely bewildering re-elected imagined characters that weren’t on the survey list at all, stuff like Maya having actual punches instead of daggers and Jago with non-horizontal hair, one headed single stance Eyedol and regular KI2 Gargos, mind you, I think if the changes were anywhere as minor (Or as daft) as these, there’d be a riot.

Wyveryn X and Eagle are my guesses.

My dream would be the samurai sword wielder hinted in shadow lords and sharkman, who knows, maybe eagle gets the guardian samurai sword that would be pretty awesome.

My Guess, Eagle, Shadow Orchid and Joana Dark. Two of those three. Honestly, I can’t decide between the three which one to drop. But based on surveys and junk, this is probably it.

A gryphon!! or a dragon =P

I’m guessing Shadow Orchid and another guest character. But I’ll say to the devs: surprise me!

There are not going to be the last characters.

it will be either 2 or of these people

Shadow Orchid
Joana Dark
The Sword Guy from Shadow Lords

2 characters will be out of them 4

I’m thinking Shadow Orchid and Shark Man as well. Popular opinion, but I feel accurate. Won’t be a fully original character. Both will be knock offs like Omen and Kilgore. Shark Man based on TJ, as per the survey.

I think the line up will be Remix “which we have now”, a guest “I really hope not” , and an orginal “I hope this is where Eagle goes”

I really don’t want another guest. I think a zombie character would be really cool considering every other big monster type is here.

I would rather have a shark character than J Dark.