Last breath of HOPE. Help her Please IG. patch 3.7 or later but help

Hi @developers thats once again one of the biggest if not the biggest Spider queen Fan.

So i come back again with new solutions tryin to FIX my LADY :disappointed_relieved: with almost nothing hard to do for you, but it goin to change ours live as spiderqueen players :heart_eyes:

  1. could you also make the widows drop a ""RECAPTURE “” yeah uve seen it right R E C A P T U R E !
    it will be simple for the team to implement in the system without doing anything hard to do.
    that move could do it when in the air we push on D+MK and hold the MK so she recapture the opponent and can hulp us to cashout properly our cheap juggles damages. thats not much but its all something for us.
    i think its highly breakable and also easy to implement @TheKeits please help us.

  2. change de juggles mechanics by allowing us to throw 2 widows bites in the air, so we can fully enjoy our juggles in the air without quickly landing. lets us make the show please she’s so funny to play. @rukizzel

  3. Adapt damage from the damage ender. @TempusChaoti it should be a damage ender like another, and not a struggle ender. i mean can you add a slight 3% on it it will be highly usefull , when a combo ender 4 do 37% so it will be 40 % thats all something for will hulp alot

  4. If the 3rd solution is not good for you @developers @TheKeits @TempusChaoti then AT LEAST LET US JUGGLE AFTER THE RECLUSE ENDER.

I think you are the actual developpers team and you know it well how difficult she is to use in tournament, against real pro players.

ANYWAY THANK YOU AND I HOPE much for the PATCH 3.7 my wish is a new balance for her. HELP HELP HELP.:sob:

The time are rude for us we just tryna be combative for all situation like back in s2. without been too op like certain characters…no salt.

@SoSRaGnArOk @UATBNDaymein @TDBKi4Life did i said something wrong ?, so please guyz feel free to correct me

Also this thread is only open to real sadira players and developpers.

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That’s dumb. If you want to cash out juggles, flip out and open a combo or use shadow meter. Plus it isn’t so easy to break.


Ha! You must be new to the internet. :expressionless:


2 widow’s bites? You must be crazy to think she needs that! She already has an inherent advantage over most of the cast simply because once she starts hitting in the air it’s like free manual city for her, and those are hard as heck to break!

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Not again… Ugh


What is a real sadira player? Do I just have to have played her or get her to lvl50 or do I just say I main her without any actual proof other than one quick 30 second video of me doing an ultra on somebody online using her proving I’m the “■■■■”?

[quote=“REYNOSOFUA11, post:6, topic:18953, full:true”]
What is a real sadira player?[/quote]

Ahem, lvl 21 Sadira reporting in.

You plebes can filter in behind me, thank you very much.


You’re 20 lvls behind scrub get at me and my brain dead Sadira. I know what it means to be a real Sadira player jump repeatedly and hope for the best Tusk players be warned.


If you publish a thread in this forum, be prepared to accept debate from any and all participants on this PUBLIC forum. There is no exclusion that only Sadira mains and developers may apply or comment. Players have a right to comment on Sadira, not just because if she is their main that these changes affect her for the positive or negative, but how these changes could indirectly impact any and all matchups against other characters as well, for better or worse.


Considering how complicated Sadira is to use right now, I don’t think making her “more” complicated would be a good thing. If you aren’t watching or subscribing to UA Kalypso’s Youtube channel, you should. He is regularly getting 50 to 60% combos and in some cases on up to 70% by jump cancelling Shadow Widow’s Bite after a lockout.

I do agree that Sadira has to work REALLY hard to get that damage, but the damage is there.


Pssh, the strength of Sadira comes from child like ignorance. You’re old, man. You know too much! You don’t actually jump around pressing random buttons, like top tier, 1337, MLG pros do… get on my level scrubcake.

Though real talk for a second, I fought a few good Sadiras when I was doing my twenty ranked wins with Tusk. It was awful… :sweat:


Lol same here it was a pain in the ■■■ when going up against someone with a pro star before the star glitch. C.HP and S.HP did not save me like they said it would :sob:.


I actually played your Sadira once. We played one match. You gave me a salute and bowed out. :stuck_out_tongue:

In truth, Sadira versus Sadira matches are horrible fights. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are that’s why there can only be one! …“Cue Highlander video with Sadiras face photoshoped in”…
GG’s btw it was when I was getting her 20 ranked wins if I’m not mistaken.

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To beat Sadira with Tusk you have to control her space. Most of the Tuski that beat me, keep me at bay with his crouching HP and deflect baiting.

However, if Tusk lets Sadira in, then his chances of survival drop dramatically. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha! That reminds me when I challenged SonicDolphin117 with my scrubby Spinal against his Glacius.

I still have nightmares. :stuck_out_tongue:


He did the same to me except it was his scrubby T.J. verses my Glacius, I came out with 0 wins that day…sad face.


Lol this thread tho


Sometimes I worry the developers get annoyed with people asking for buffs or changes that they just simply leave the character alone.

Not really saying I think Sadira needs any changes or anything, I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to know what should/shouldn’t change, but tagging all the developers on the forums with requests seems annoying.

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Nope. They are not the real developers. They just pretend to be. We all know it is the secret illuminati who develops KI but to remain secret, Iron Galaxy was created to pretend to make the changes.