Last 5 Ultimates, Omen Colors...Is KI terminated?

I would like to know from developers if there are other projects for this KI, if it still has a future or we have to consider it finished.

Nope, pretty sure there’s still another character in the works. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they said there would be four more and they’ve released three so far.

Posts like this make no sense to me. Why does it matter if their project work is done or not? People play SFV which is clearly not finished and people play melee which is clearly finished. I fail to see why it matters one way or another if you’re currently having fun, just play and keep having fun.


Well for now all the fans are waiting to hear more info about the game coming to steam & what else is gonna be included with it’s release.

The KI team also just updated the game today with a patch, so I don’t think this game is done yet. More like just taking a breather before running another lap around the track.

I’ve gotta agree with @DeathBlooms2K8, did everyone abandon ship with SF4 as soon as they added the last DLC? To my knowledge people still play it regularly. Then again people still pay to play SF2, so there’s that as well.


I think characters are done unless we see a Season 4 or a whole new game is announced (which I would like, considering Xbox needs to manage their sole fighting game to bring it up on a SFV level).

I don’t think that necessarily means the game will instantly die as much as it will just slow down. However, constant support and updates nullify the idea of the game being dead.

Nonetheless, I still think a sequel to KI should be in the works and have a tease/trailer for the following E3 on the Xbox showcase (assuming they intend to compete with PS4’s lineup of exclusive and namely SFV).


It’s almost like people ask the same question over and over again and just stick it in a new thread… Even though they should know that if there is a content announcement the developers aren’t going to post it randomly in a forum thread and if there is no content announcement they aren’t going to respond with “yes this game is dead.” Smh


sf5 is scientifically proven trash bruh.


new drinking game:

take a shot everytime someone makes one of these threads

me after a week:


Yeeeeaaah, I know, but that’s due to bad decision making from the developers. On a production level it’s great. Superb graphics (outside of character models), intriguing music, beautiful animations, etc.

You get a game like KI and give it the production value that SFV has and I assure you it will be amazing. Imagine the animations being as fluid, having detailed stages, remarkable polishes on characters with the better modeling done by IG.

There’s not denying that SFV tanked in terms of content, lackluster character variety, lackluster mechanics and some questionable character models like Abigail. But it has its own merits where the crap lies, that’s mainly what I was referring too.

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I am happy that super SF4 is now a BC game. I didn’t want to buy the one with 8 characters when I already owned this one. I have been playing this. It is a big leap from my SF2 game.

I agree with you. Play the game or don’t. People will know the game is done when they release the final patch. I would bet when they get to the last patch it will even say something like “Final KI Patch”

I guess I don’t worry, because I play several games of all different types. I don’t have time to sit and worry about if KI is going to end.

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I would have to disagree with the stages. Killer Instinct has way better stages IMO. I completely agree with the animations though!

I would hope they’d take some time and make the missing stages. I know that’s like beating a dead horse, but might as well. I’ll accept Kilgore, Eagle and Shinsako not having their own… but still really want ones for Mira, RAAM, Eyedol and Rash. They could do variations for Eagle and the others if they wanted. Like maybe Devil’s Landing at night, or it’s sunny for Eagle, etc.


You know what? How cool would eagles stage be if it was inspired by the revenant?

Like a calm winter morning in an alaskan Forrest. Beautiful rainbow flares from a rising sun that can only be seen from a certain angle (or if in the stage).

Soft , dripping stalagmites (or tites) bokeh’d out in the foreground, and everything covered in snow, which falls off trees and such as the fight goes on.

Ultra could be an avalanche at a medium - tele distance

…I just watched the revenant and Balto…

I remember seeing this previously as a great stage idea for RAAM. I’d love to see this come to light.

I’m tired of seeing KI treated with the little money


Well, let us know when you raise the funds to make a AAA budget game. Until then you can enjoy being tired.