Lagging to Win

I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but of late, I’m running into “okay” players using lag to get wins. I’m not talking about laggy matches, but lag that happens at specific times to give them advantages. I played a Shago player last night. During the first match, there wasn’t any lag and I destroyed him. He made every unsafe mistake a novice Shago player would make. During the second match, I go to block his dive kick attack and the whole match slows to a crawl. As soon as he connects it’s back to normal. If I start a combo, it slows to a crawl (missing frames and everything). However, each time he was at advantage the match was fine. If I was about to cash out out a damaging combo, it would nearly stop.

Needless to say he won the second round. During the third, I threw the match. As I wasn’t blocking breaking combos or nothing for most of the match, there wasn’t ANY lag. It magically went away. I had a smidgen of health left and I decided to start a counter attack. Like the first match, I was destroying him… then magically the lag started once again.

I taunted and then quit the match and reported him. I then sent him a message about fairness. He never responded back.

While 90% of the fights that I have are honest, I am finding more and more fights that magically lag out if I’m at advantage.

Anybody else seeing this?

This isn’t normal lag, its always specific.


That sounds like a lag switch. I would keep am eye out on that player, and see if it happens the next time you fight him. Send me a PM with his name and I will see if it happens to me as well.

It happened to me when I started to put some time in ranked, and this is one of the reasons I drop trying to get top 32. It just drove me nuts when players that didn’t have the lead would “stop for a second” and suddenly everything was lagging like crazy (the slideshow lag oll of a sudden). Maybe now that some got a start it’s better…I don’t know.

There is an Aganos player that does this as well. If he’s winning… no lag. If he starts losing HUGE lag. Luckily for me he actually corrupted his connection during our third match and I got the win anyway. I always report such people, but it really takes the fun out of the game.

I am experiencing a lot of this as well for some reason.

To me it is sad. Even as annoying as it is though, it isn’t nearly as bad as it was on SFV. I not only encountered lag switching but Tool Assisted fighters. One match I was playing against a scrubby Ken user. As soon as he got a smidgen of life lead, the 60 seconds left on my match immediately dropped to 10 seconds and he tanked in the corner until he won.

I just don’t understand why people do this. What pride is there in winning matches that you’ve manipulated?

@SoSRaGnArOk iam a ex SADIRA PLAYER and as a sadira player you should has meet more than once. thats generally what happens when you play sadira some people’s with bad connection make it more bad after the first win its all laggy and you can do nothing with precision as sadira when its laggy. just drop the controller or xbox home and close the game lol.

its a shame but thats the reality. it happens much after de first round.

Yeah, I’ve done that too. Get them out of the way, so I can play more honest people. Sadly, most of my KI friends aren’t playing KI when I’m on, so I don’t get many lobby invites, save if I’m off on Saturday. Geek usually has something going on on those days.

I want to play against you this weekend!

Wow, lag switches are actual things? Conceptually I understand how it works and I have run into similar situations.

Is it a real problem in the greater community at large?

imo they should be a connetion test before you can access ranked ( just like in the pc) , cause no everybody have a good connection

For starters, lag switches (for the most part) are simply an ethernet cable that is attached to a light switch. You can make one for a few dollars. 90% of the people who you them use these.

If they want to cause lag they turn the switch on. As only one of the wires is spliced, this doesn’t create a total disconnect, but creates anomalies in the network. In fighting games it messes with the roll back code creating corrupted inputs and thus giving them the advantage.

It terms of it being a “real” problem that needs to be addressed by the community… maybe and maybe not. It’s annoying and unfair, but the majority of the KI player base, does play by the rules.

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Ive experienced this and its hard to pinpoint if its real or not. So what Ive done is I choose to sometimes removed PC players from Exhibition search criteria. To me PC players can make this work easier as they can have a window open and use up bandwidth easier than a console player.

But honestly…what can you do?

I played a ranked Killer the other night and he lagged when it mattered, he still lost and I got near 800 points for the win. He wasnt even that good so for him to be that high in the Killer leader boards and have lagg…he had to be lagg switching to get that far up on the ranked points. IMO

I run into it every once in a while. After I stomp them even through the lag their connection usually evens out.

That’s happened to me a few times… I’m like… You’re a killer???" And despite their laggy ways, I prevail and am netted with 1000+ points.

I might have some time Sunday afternoon or evening. Been focusing on SRL in Destiny on both PS4 and Xbox One of late. :smiley:

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I also sent him a message advising to get an Ethernet cable and ditch the WiFi before he continued to play ranked. he never responded.

I think this might have been a Shago player too…I cant remember for sure though. I wanted to say something on here…but i decided not to share his GT.

It’s probably the same guy. He knew a few manuals, but he had no real idea how to really play Shago.

I reported him too

honestly Id love to fight him again! Those 800 points come in handy! lol