Lagging to Win

They do… but in my case, I was so insulted by what he was doing I purposely through the last match… let him get a punch of potential damage and the quite, just to be an ■■■. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. I had a block list of about 10 laggers out of countless matches. honestly they should reinstate the block lists and settle the top 32 in online tournaments. online tournaments aren’t serious anyways cause the rules for certain manuals and moves don’t apply online. I would love to have the ability to block laggers back. I never blocked good player as they teach me the most and that’s so valuable. blocking anyone better than you is just shooting yourself in the foot.

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better still, IG should only enable blocking players under top 32. so that goes without saying, top 32 players can’t have block lists enabled. there…problem solved

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I run into lag-switchers all of the time. It’s sad and unfortunate, but true - it does happen.

I get an automated message from XBL like once a week that says, “thank you for your continued support in helping make XBL a better place; we have recently taken action against someone you reported.”

It feels so good to get that message. :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s Star Wars? Is Kristen Stewart in it?

(ducks impending eggs and bricks)

I’ll be seeing it on Monday. :smiley:

I tend to agree. I understand their concern about people abusing it, but it would be nice to be able to ignore cheating players… alas.

One match for me stands out. I was playing a guy/girl who I pretty much destroyed the first round, however, before the start of the second round s/he sent me a message that said “0 breakers”. I asked myself, “wtf does that mean?”, but it meant that the lag would be so bad that I would not be able to perform any. Needles to say, s/he mounted a 2-1 comeback. I reported this player, and others who I suspected were cheating, and have never played against this person since, but this is becoming more a common issue.

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lol. dang that’s balls. in a weird way, I kinda respect it. lol

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Yeah, it’s like saying, “I dare you to win now!”

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Some people just have no skill. Especially if they lag switch.

While that is sometimes the case, some of these laggers actually have some talent, but they don’t want to risk hurting their “sacred” stats. This was the case of the one Aganos player I fought the other day. On his own he was very good, but when he saw that I wasn’t just another scrub and in fact beat him in the first round, he wasn’t going to allow me to take the win.

There is a sad but very real reality, that as long as there will be games, there will be cheaters. Even if IG brought back the ability to block people, that’s not going to stop cheaters.

For me, I’m glad, that I’m not the only one who noticed this and I guess much like the rest of my comrades, I’ll be spending more time playing against friends versus Ranked. I would like to get my 32 star one day, but alas I’ll never be as skilled as ATIMasters and his 19 pro stars. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 20 already

I had 1 match where this happened and I told the guy flat out, “I know you’re cheating. Stop it now or I’ll report you.” He stopped and the rest of the match went flawlessly.

Afterwards, I reported him anyways, because I will never abide a cheater.

do me a favor, Google street fighters next patch. what comes up is:

capcom now places a skull next to the cheaters gamertag to warn potential opponents this guy either cheats or rage quits.

in addition to earring half the points of a matches outcome.

ostracized basically. I kind of like it. hopefully IG won’t have to be harsh handing out bans for the most serious offenses, but somethings like this can still relay pertinent information about player conduct and sportsmanship.

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If you ask me, if he had to cheat to not get his win he is unskilled plain and simple. No ifs and or buts wtih lag switchers.

In truth, I don’t mind somebody RQing on me versus lag switching. Then again, I main Sadira, getting RQued on is pretty much a given. A rite of passage per say. :stuck_out_tongue: As I get the win. I’m fine with that.

I however, utterly despise people that abuse lag to get a win. I understand if somebody has a bad connection. You’re gonna have laggy matches, but to deliberately handicap the other player is just sad.

I’m totally for the “Mark of Shame”. :smiley:

I played against helium head yesterday he mains sadira. hit him up for the skills. he used to be top 8 easy. he’s a good dude, I’m sure he’d help u beef up the tech. he’s pretty F’n good :wink:

Helium Head is amazing. I remember during the S1 days when I was actually able to beat him with Sabrewulf. Needless to say once he had the Sadira tech down, he murdered my wuff. He was one of the reasons, other than Vertigo that led me to drop Sabre and jump on Sadira.

He is a nice guy! UA SaltGod is a friend and also a top Sadira player. :smiley:

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