KV Meter pinging

I know you guys put this in for the guy in the old forums who asked about having a sound effect that indicates how far along the KV meter is, but is there anyway you could turn it back off? Or at least give me an option to turn it off? Or maybe just change the sound, IDK.

I do like the SFX for getting a Shadow Bar, that’s pretty awesome.

There was a tweet from one of the devs saying it would be adjusted somehow. I would also love the option to turn it off or just have it ding once rather than constantly after a certain point.

Yep - we are addressing this. It’ll be new content at first (much less obtrusive/distracting) and then we will more than likely look into having the option of simply turning it off.


Cool, thanks man.

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I like it as is. Not that I really need it at this point, but I like the metallic cling. But yeah, options are always good. Huh, even though I read about it, I haven’t even noticed the shadow stock one. Turns on game.

I was wondering what that was! I thought it was to indicate that your shadow meter was filling up, not the KV meter! :astonished:

I don’t really like the new KV Ping, but if it can’t be or won’t be turned off, could you at least use a less annoying sound effect? It currently sounds like someone is hitting a xylophone or something and it kinda wears on your nerves after a little bit of extended play.

Great to be back on the forums.

Love the new pinging! It really helps with some characters.

At first I thought it was a pinball hitsound for Rash, then I realised it was a KV blowout indicator. I kinda liked it when I thought it was just for Rash, a pinball is soo 80-90’s that it suited him.

Yeah, I totally don’t hear the shadow one.

Play as Fulgore, you’ll hear it for every pip he gains.

Just to put my 2 cents in as well… I don’t like the new sound effects for the KV meter and shadow bar, they’re really annoying. I never had much of an issue with blowing out my combo or not knowing how much shadow meter I have so I’d really like there to be an option to turn these sound effects off.

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Lol, I was waiting the froums were active to address about this new audio cue too. At first I was quite annoyed by it but somehowI got used to it by now. It’s just…it would be nice to have a turn off option or another kind of sound.

But another thing about this: Do we really need it? Aren’t we getting spoiled? can this ruin competitive play? just a thought.

Shadow bars audio is ok

I would like to also state that I’m not a huge fan of the KV ping, especially since 1) the sound effect doesn’t match the tone of the game, and 2) it plays for every hit (so if Maya does a 4-pip dagger ender, you just hear a bunch of random pinging the whole time). The sound effect is really distracting to me, and the fact that many players didn’t seen to even know what the pinging was for means I’m not sure it’s a good fit for the game.

I would really love a way to turn this off in the options in addition to a more subtle sound effect for when I’m watching streams with people who kept it on. I think both are important. I think it’s also important that it only plays once per move, not once per hit, so multi-hitting enders and stuff don’t sound so weird.

I like the intention of the change (help visually impaired players, indicate what’s going on to newer players) but in this case I’m not sure the execution came out very well.


Would be great if we had an option to control it’s volume or turn it on and off.

And does it have to play all the time when the KV meter is full? For example when Maya does her throw it maxes the meter out and you can’t attack afterwards, but it still plays during it.

I’m a big fan of it personally. I watched streams of guys picking up the game for the first time who thought it was a great addition also. I do think it’s a bit over the top though. Like others have said it reminds them of pinball and i couldn’t agree more. Just a bit of tweaking and it’ll be perfect.

I see how the KV meter sound (or Tinktink sound, as I like to call it) could be useful to newer players who aren’t used to watching the KV meter closely, but like a lot of other people I find it distracting.

Pencil me in for the “allow me to turn this off” option.

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At first I didn’t know what it was and didnt like it at all! But once i realized it was to notify you of dropping your combo…I LOVE IT! Thank you for this…it helps a lot…especially with Omen and how quickly his flurry kicks can build KV!
please do not remove this… an option for those who don’t like it is fine…but it needs to stay.

Yeah, I’m more on the side of making this an option rather than removing it outright. I think it’s a nice indicator if you want to use it, but I don’t think it should be mandatory.

I think it’s a great addition for newbies.While I don’t mind it, it doesn’t really benefit me since I’ve learned to keep an eye on my KV meter as I play. Also, I remember a forum member named SightlessKombat who played at a pretty advanced lever in spite of being blind. I know he is probably loving this right about now. One of his concerns was that there weren’t enough audio indicators differentiating between light, medium, and heavy hits. The thing I love about KI is that is truly a complete sensory experience minus smell of course, lol! I truly hope that the devs look into the option of a rumble feature, I’m one of those guys that love it. And like I said, make it an option, that way no one can complain.