KrossUp Season Champion: Raven is Raw! Thank you for playing!

Thank you to the Killer Instinct community for participating in the KrossUp league! We’re proud to announce that Raven is Raw has become your KrossUp Season Champion! Without dropping a single set in Winner’s, he’s defeated Wheels, Bass, and Hologram (twice) to take home the glory as well as $400!

This triumph follows his seven-week streak in the standard brackets as he’s placed Top 8 in almost the entire league except for Week 8. We send him our biggest congratulations.

It’s been fun while it lasted, KI community, but unfortunately, this marks the end of the KrossUp league. However, Mortal Kombat players should consider looking into Kombat Cup Season 2 this Monday, as well as the Overdrive Series for Guilty Gear XrD. We also have a Brawlhalla league set to take place a week later.

For more information, follow StreamMe on Twitter!


I already signed up for the 1st event (that I now realize is happening tomorrow from your post, so thanks BTW), and as excited as I am for it, I do have my concerns, notably with the lobby setup. How many people min/max do you plan having in the lobby at any given time? I’m asking because my network can’t handle more than 4… :disappointed_relieved:

surprised this wasn’t on here sooner

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From our recent testing, I expect at least five players minimum.

Yeah, I only just remembered that these forums existed, so I apologize. We’ve been getting the word out on Twitter and Facebook for weeks now, and considering that we’re already up to about 120 sign-ups, I’d say our goal has still been achieved. :slight_smile:

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oh don’t worry I was one of those to sign up… and ive mentioned this exact tournament in another form post so I think a few good people have the word :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s going to be a risky position for me then, as it would largely depend on individual player connections at that point. I might be able to do 5, but it’s never been great, and I KNOW I can’t do more than that.

My current network speeds are 6mbps down and 1mbps up with a wired connection and an average latency of 40-100ms.

It’s a shame it’s US only :frowning:

A shame indeed, BUT Stream.Me is not ignorant of its fanbase outside the United States. Keep an eye out, because I’m sure everyone across the globe will be enjoying our services soon enough!


Thanks, man. BTW, I enjoyed your performance at KiT

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Week 1 has concluded! Winner is UA Bass!

Rankings updated:

To sign up for Week 2 (which is set for this Saturday), head to this page:

Missed the action? You can catch up at our YouTube page!

Good luck, and FIGHT ON!

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Surprise. Surprise… We need NEW winners damnit! Step it up, people!!!

KrossUp Week 2 is today, beginning at 6 P.M. EST while sign-ups close at 5. We are currently up to 73 entrants!

Remember: if you have questions on how to run Smash.GG, simply tweet the StreamMe account or a staff member (accounts are listed on the sign-up page, where you will also find the rules) and you will be assisted.

Broadcast page is the same as before:

See you soon!

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ill try to watch. Wish I Could join this week but I don’t want another time where I have to drop out again… good luck to everyone else though

I’ve run into Bass a few times in ranked matches. The best I can do is take a life bar lol. He’s undoubtably one of the best KI players in the world.

UA Wheels a.k.a. DaytonJ claims victory in the second KrossUp bracket! While this ends Bass’s streak, it preserves Ultra Arcade’s reign over the competition!

With Frosty Faustings coming up this weekend, KrossUp is not going to occur this week. Instead, we will resume the league next Saturday on February 4th. You can still sign up before it happens -

Thanks to you guys for supporting the first two weeks of KrossUp! We’d be happy to see you back for Week 3. :slight_smile:

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First post updated due to a misinterpretation on my end. With Kombat Cup and Savage Series putting EVO trips up for grabs, I assumed this would apply to KrossUp as well, for the winner of our season finale.

It turns out I was mistaken. Cash prizes WILL be up for grabs, but not an EVO trip. I am sincerely sorry for my error. The Stream.Me team had never outlined an EVO trip for the KrossUp league, so I take complete responsibility.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to continue supporting Stream.Me by entering our events and using our service to stream! The more support they receive, the more benefits the players will get! Good karma goes a long way.

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I’m still upset for missing week 2 due to a lousy nap.

Wanted to drop a reminder that KrossUp will not be happening today for two reasons:

  1. World Cup qualifier happening at Frosty Faustings.
  2. The Stream.Me team is in San Antonio preparing for tomorrow’s Kombat Cup Season Finale, which takes place at 6 P.M. EST. You can watch it here:

In the meantime, you can still sign up for KrossUp’s third week, which will occur next Saturday. Visit this page to get ready for some more KI tournament hype:

All KrossUp broadcasts are shared here:

Good luck and FIGHT ON!

This Saturday, Stream.Me is all about Killer Instinct!

To register for KrossUp Week 3, head on over to:

If you should experience any issues with using Smash.GG, be it during registration or the bracket itself, you are advised to contact StreamMe or Smash.GG on Twitter at their accounts below:

StreamMe Twitter -
Smash.GG Twitter -

Cash prizes are awarded to the Top 4. Top 16 will receive league points that contribute to their standing in KrossUp. At the end of the season, the top eight placers will be invited to our Season Finale (held on April 2nd) where they will battle for a larger share of the cash pot.

All broadcasts are held at:

Good luck to all of you killers out there! FIGHT ON!