KoF 14 - Discussion thread

Think I’d prefer a remastered KOF13


If the gameplay is still 2D then that would make me happy. It is mainly the 2D animation in the trailer that worries me, things looked choppy and stiff.
Beautiful graphics and stages are of course nice,but it might make online unplayable from lag if it ever gets to that stage.

@ProdigyBurns I also wouldn’t mind a KoF13 remaster for next gen. Pretty good idea actually.

I an crossing my fingers for an XB1 port.

Same here, but if it doesn’t then it’s just another reason to get a PS4 lol

I have been holding off on a ps4 for a while. But I have been tempted… a LOT, lol

Every time I see something new in SFV it tempts even more to get a PS4, kinda like if I were to come home and find Xena in my bed luring me in…I can only hold off so long

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Not a huge fan of anime fighters like GG and blazblue so that helps a bit. But some gems do only appear on ps4 sadly.

I’m getting SFV on PC, so no need for a PS4.

The New KOF reminds me back of the early 2000’s 3D which I guess is good if you grew up in that decade “I myself being born in 86” but don’t know how the youngsters will react to this. Not surprised they ditched the hand drawn animation since it took years and a lot of effort to make 25+ characters.

I may get a PS4 after the price drop. I was dubious about getting an XBOX One so what I did back in June 2013 when KI3 was announced was deposited $100 and then $50 every month until November when it was released. Should have done the same for the PS4.

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I am going for cross play, so a new PC has my priority. I hope KoF does well, though.

What did I just watch? A new teaser that actually made me want to see less of this game?

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Just saw the new teaser noticed it had over 300 dislikes and only 400 odd likes on youtube. Every single comment I saw from at least 7 websites 80% were negative. The actual gameplay looked ok…ish I’m still unsure though.

Worst still is that I heard SNK had outsourced development to a Korean MMO dev, again not sure if that is true or not…it would however explain a few things

I am happy it is a 2D fighter at its core but that’s about the only positive thing I can say.


I’m really not surprised at the negative comments and dislikes since the 3D is obsolete. Even Maxium Impacts 3D was outdated when it was released. I do like the handrawn animation in KOF 12&13 but I’m pretty sure SNK ditched it because it was too much effort for them from the articles I read back in 2009 when KOF12 was released.

I know 2D takes more effort, but still they could do much better 3D models.

Yes, they definitely could do better.

Nice comparison vid between KOFXIII and IV. I understand where they are coming from in terms of keeping it 2D but it’s a shame they really went for the minimal. Animation looks stiff as everyone noticed, even though the gameplay looks comparable:


Oh wow, I didn’t know there was even a brand new trailer that came out days ago, surprised Leona and Chang (funnily enough, these two are infamous for that special intro in the old games, you know, Leona saluting him) are in it, but the amount of dislikes in that source video is still laughable. Two more months, game’s probably going to flop if they keep it that way.

I initially, and mistakenly, thought it was a true 3D fighter.

After seeing this comparison video I might support SNK if there is enough quality content in the game. The graphics obviously won’t be a reason to buy it.