KI's "Black Panther"

Did anyone see the Black Panther movie?

Would be nice if KI added a type of character like that! Imagine someone from the Night Guard of Africa.


I love cats. Wouldn’t mind a cat related character that’s not Orchid n.n

Sabrewulf is the closest thing we get to a “Black Panther” character, at least gameplay wise, using his claws and pounces at the opponent.


Well I’m thinking of an African character whose similar to Black Panther. Someone from the Night Guard

  • hidden city
  • powerful resource like vibranium
  • prince or king

The (good) point is making characters unique, not copy/paste one with other name

Unless you are referring to a “trope” or cliché, like werewolfs, mummys or vampires

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Wulf’s rounded face in KI2 looks more feline :3

Thank you.
However, kamenrider has spent most of his time on these forums making threads about copying other already existing characters into KI concepts. Not sure if he can come up with an original idea.


I’d be down with a super hero in KI. Make him have a huge ego too. Just don’t rip off a specific hero. Just paradoy the trope in general.

There is another one already. Jago. Tigers are definitely cats, so he is very cat themed. Not that much in his moveset, though.

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I like Jago, but I don’t play him. Still, he isn’t like a weretiger or anything similar.

Come on now, we already have the were-beast trope in the game. There’s no reason to add another who will also just slash their claws and bite at the opponent.

Well, we have to appaloosa riders :confused:

We have to what now?

Well, about 4 characters in KI have some type of sword, yet all are used different. Another playstyle for a were-something could be made


I meant “two”. This autocorrect drives me crazy sometimes

Difference is “sword-wielder” is not a trope. Warrior Monk is a trope. Viking is a trope. Skeletal Warrior is a trope. Do you see what I’m getting at?

… That still doesn’t make sense to me. XD
We got two riders? What do you mean with riders?

…Are you referring to Thunder and Eagle? I do not recall any mention of them riding appaloosa horses. If you are referring to them, do you say that because they are Nez Perce?

I do not see how comparing them makes any sense. Thinking of a Nez Perce person as a fighting game character, I think that does not bring a specific moveset to mind. With Were-Animals, I would imagine most people think melee/rushdown.

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I see, it makes more sense now, I didn’t know what appaloosa riders meant.

Oh ok. Let me try again.

We have about 3 martial artists (Jago, TJ, Wu) that all have different play styles. Two samurai ghosts. Three robots.

All I’m saying is that another were-animal is possible, and it woudn’t be discarded as a wasted character

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Yeap. I forget that name, but I never forget horses. Now I’ll remember

PS: I wish a feature horse appeared as some kind of power/special move/ Instinct. But as we had seen eagles/birds were depicted in the original KI (fire bird) and Eagle’s bird of prey too were implemented. They look cool Indeed. But as an old horse fanatic I wouldn’t have minded a very famous horse breed showing up too xP