KI's "Black Panther"

Eh. I like horses, but having a Nez Perce character use horse related abilities, specifically because they are Nez Perce, is a bit stereotypical. (From what I have read, some Nez Perce people had bred the Appaloosa style horse into existence, so the two groups are sometimes associated.)

That’s not to say that no Nez Perce people ride horses or anything, but I would rather an ability that fits the characters personality or fighting style, rather than something that is mainly there because of their ethnicity.

Jago is a Warrior Monk.
TJ is a Boxer.
Kim Wu is a Kung Fu girl.

Three different tropes. Though I could be without Kim Wu.

I guess by “two samurai ghosts” you mean Hisako and Shin Hisako? They are the same character, just two different forms of her. That said, Shin Hisako is indeed redundant.

As for the three robots, two of them are indeed redundant as well, however ARIA is different enough from Fulgore to stand on her own.

I personally find another were-beast character to be redundant and indeed a waste of space.

I guess I’m not being too specific enough to classify tropes. Oh well. I would still be interested in a were-thing


Also, I have not seen the Black Panther movie, but the film and character seem cool.

As far as having a similar character to him in KI, I am unsure. Some KI characters are somewhat similar to existing ones, (Cinder/Human Torch, classic Glacuis/Ice man, Fulgore/Predator, Tusk/Conan the Barbarian etc) but they only have a few similar traits, and are far from being clones. Not to mention this KI reboot makes them even more different.

I do not see a Black Panther-like character showing up anytime soon in KI, especially since he is playable in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite as a dlc character. For those who want to see him in a fighting game, that is the best option.

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Don’t forget ARIA/Ultron!

Well we’re not looking for a cat character in KI since Jago & Orchid got the cat stuff.

Though, it’d be nice to have a true African fighter in KI somehow with vibes of Black Panther’s story.

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I feel offended.

Prove me wrong then, and I’ll take back my words.

I think this would be a good idea to have BLACK PANTHER as a special guest in KI 4K

Just pay the ridiculous money to play Black Panther in MvCI. As stated earlier, Sabrewulf is already in the game so a man/beast is already taken. Black Panther in MvCI already seemed like they were replacing Wolverine since Capcom didn’t have the license to the Fox Studios characters at the time, but now that they’re back, I could see wolverine/black panther being a bit redundant. What KI needs is a proper sequel with all characters receiving ultimates, extra costumes and other things to milk out of their fans like Capcom does with SFV. I just paid $15 US for all their costumes that goes for $29 (original 16 characters battle outfits) and 6 characters swimsuits for $11 all of which are on sale. If KI did this we could have some more stages and characters. I would hope that most of the characters from KI3 come back and maybe put out a Steam verison far earlier so the game can actually have a fan base. But no Black Panther-style character.

Well Jago’s got the tiger. Orchid’s got just a cat.

So a panther, cheetah, jaguar or leopard would be nice.

One who wields a khopesh & African spear.

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We needs more Animals! Monsters! Humans!

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