Kim Wu's Story

I don’t have much to say regarding to Story, but what do you guys think? What do you predict will be Kim Wu’s main story? Will she once again be the guardian of her people, or will just she be an ordinary college student? Is she still the descendant of great heroes, or is she a Bruce Lee fan?

I do have one thing to say about her potential story. If she were a college student, it would be really cool if one of her ancestors was Kim Wu all the way back from KI2.

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She’s a Bruce Lee fan because she’s a hero waiting to be unlocked.

Due to Gargos stepping foot on Earth once gain, the guardian shall awaken and imbue our other best hope (Jago and Orchid being corrupted by Shadow, they need to be purged first)…

Kim Wu may not be the one to defeat Gargos and his shadow army, but she is the one to lead humanity against him.


As long the story isn’t involved with Kim super young girly fashion designer,it’s fine by me :slight_smile:
(pretty sure that early profile has changed into something way better too) Not bad of a story too there ThyReaper~


I thought that was going to be Maya?

… Nah. She failed to stop Kan-Ra. If she can’t stop him, she’s got no chance against Gargos (story-wise).

… Or I’ll be ticked we got a similar ending to MKX (winning and losing at plot specific moments that are overly convenient.

But didn’t she try to build an army in her ending? Orchid, Jago, and TJ Combo are part of it.

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Yes she did. And won’t deny her credit for building the army that Kim Wu is meant to lead. Because as the story goes, Maya lead her team back into hiding, licking their wounds.

First they have deal with Shago, as far as I can tell. Maybe even Wulf’ turning coat because his transformation is heavily implied to be the plan of the great evil one. Kan-Ra will play a wild card. He’s only in it for himself. That you can always count on.

I think that’s where Kim Wu comes in. Jago and Orchid are still perhaps “destined” to defeat Gargos, however there is an interception play by Gargos trying to turn that in his favour
Kim Wu may represent the Jade Dragon, the being that casts the light that gives shadow its definition.
She and Maya are gonna have to purify the siblings so that they can take down Gargos.


The Dragon Guardian of her people and overall her homeland AND a descendant of the great, mighty, and noble heroes who have banished the demon/demonic warlord Gargos back in ancient times :sunglasses:

BTW can this new, updated, and redesigned/reimagined Kim Wu be VERY wealthy and overall come from a VERY wealthy and prominent family? Because since, after all, her family (are) overall descendants of the heroes who have banished Gargos :wink:

Kim Wu been trained by her grandfather from a very young age. He would tell her of a great evil she’ll one day face. As a young child she believed every word but as of now she find those words to be nothing more than the ramblings of a superstitious old man. After all he has bills and college fee’s to worry about, not demons, ghosts, and tinmen.

Kim received an interesting letter, an invitation for fighting tournament from “Ultratech”. The prize purse was just enough for her Housing, tuition, a car and maybe a Killer stereo system. Perhaps gandpa’s teaching might be useful after all…

*click ACCEPT.

Suddenly her nunchucks started to shake violently and emit a red glow, then soon after metallic being appeared before her. Tinman?!?!

Which, coincidentally, is tattooed on Tusk’s chest. Kim Wu swears loyalty to Tusk. But his eyes wander to Maya; the warrior woman who’s more his size.

This is a hard topic to comment about, as we don’t know really what the story could be. It could be anything. But I’m hoping it stays true ti the original story.

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