Kim Wu's Official Trailer?

S3 doesn’t start until March. I wouldn’t expect any Kim trailer until much later in the year, if that. I’m just hoping for down concept art or small character preview to be honest. I know I’d like to see something like that before 2015 ends.

if shago was next he would have been teased at the end of the most recent trailer. But they gave us Kim, and they’ve ALWAYS given the one that was teased at the end of a previous trailer the full treatment in the very next trailer.

I will say they have been kinda screwing fans over with the shago thing, he’s been off/on since launch, but he still isn’t next, based on the above.

Besides, we have 8 months to for them to reveal the full S3 cast, one at a time, until launch. It’s the new pattern of fighting games to do monthly character reveals regardless if it launched already or not (see: MKX and its kombat packs)

This is exactly what I was thinking. It would be very cool to beta the characters for a month each then get em all at once when season 3 drops. I’d love that!


We all know that Shadow Jago is releasing with his new moveset before the end of 2015, that is confirmed. So he is next. All I was saying is that I don’t see them releasing a Kim Wu trailer this far from release as the OP stated September. If I am wrong that is fine but its my opinion. But Shadow Jago will be the next released character when IGS completes him.

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Shago is next. No question on that. He’ll be released in 2015, so whether or not there even is a Kim-Wu trailer, he’ll land before she does.

I believe they did the Kim tease because it was a S3 trailer. Shago isn’t technically S3 - Kim Wu is.

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A fair enough point.

I believe Shago’s coming out soon, but they wouldn’t tease Kim-Wu and then hold off any more news of her until next year. My hope is that we’ll get her in beta form so she can be more refined when Season 3 hits, but at the very least we’ll get a trailer next month that’ll showcase her.

I’m really hoping for something around PAX, but that’s just my naivete.


when you say ‘next’ do you mean ‘fully playable character’? I mean… sure I guess. But the thread is about when Kim’s trailer is going to drop, which I bet you paypal money is next month. I’d bet additional money she’ll be beta playable like they’re doing with Rash. But yeah, the next permanent character can be Shago at some point this year, that’s cool

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True but technically they could or maybe even should move Shadow Jago to the end of October. Shadow Jago would perfectly as a Halloween release.

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That may be possible actually. That beta test thing may also be for Rash only, I’m gonna expect we won’t be able to play as her until launch but maybe we’ll get lucky. I think the most well get is concept art on her and Tusk for that matter and maybe some in game screenshots but no trailer until end of this year or early next year.

So will the character trailers come out this year?

I agree with bblackorchid, people are getting too carried away. September is way too soon, and hotsumari the reason Kim was teased at the end of Rash’s trailer and not Shago is because the tease was for S3. Shago is S1 so there’s little to no point in teasing him. Them teasing Kim was just them letting us know who’s coming next in S3. Honestly I think it depends on how many characters they’re launching at the start

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Sorry weird.

Don’t know if they’ll show her anytime soon… Hoping of course, but not sure it’s gonna happen.

Almost certain though that they won’t tease Tusk in her trailer… They’re not gonna put Tusk just after Kim Wu in their lineup, thats just not gonna happen… Think we’ll see either a new character or Shadow Jago. And please for the love of god… don’t be another guess character. 2 so soon after each other can only mean theres more.

REALLY looking forward to this trailer though :slight_smile:

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Well they could have a Shago trailer and have another Kim Wu teaser. Only this time they show a completed model instead of just some nunchucks.

I just need to see how she looks for now.


Tusk was the most requested character for Season 3 out side of UC forums. I just hope that doesn’t mean that he’s near the end.

I believe we will see lots of trailers for S3 characters before March. September may be too soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something before the end of October. Kim Wu will definitely be next.

The real question is whether or not we will get to beta test other characters. I suspect yes, but it’s tough to know how many. One thing seems clear from the Rash announcement. They have learned to not say anything in advance so we will probably only find out the day the trailer drops. No more whining about delays…


They’ll also have to change Kim’s winning animation, they have a similar to Aria.
Instead of the overhead view from KI2, have her whip those nunchucks around like rope jumpers do and have a crazy finish stance like yun seoung for scV , or 3 jumps

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S3 is a really long gap from now. Seeing a trailer would keep me sane until march 2016 but if there is a trailer, it’d probably be Shago.

Yet, Its possible. Even if Rash was only available for a month as a Beta, IG still showed a trailer for him and the same could happen for Kim-Wu.

So one that note, I can only wish that her trailer is next month.
Anyone agree?


Kim Wu probably…Tusk will either appear in the middle of the roster or at the very end.