Kim Wu's Official Trailer?

I have a really good feeling that Kim Wu’s official trailer will premiere/will be release next month in September with a (which I also have a good feeling about) tease/reveal of Tusk at the end of her trailer. Do any of you guys think so too?


The only reason I have to disagree is the large gap of time between now and Season 3. I hope that I am wrong though, it would be nice to see her soon. I mean they did have rash completed in the trailer so who knows.

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Well look at KI Season 1 before its official launch back in November 2013 :wink:

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Not to mention they still have to release the Shago trailer. As for Season one they already had a good head start on it

Better be like at the beginning of September! Not the last day!

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Hopefully we’ll get a trailer then to play test her for the month of September like we did Rash. That would definitely make the wait easier. I hope they do that with tusk as well.


Yes, my thoughts exactly

I just really want to see her concept art, even if we don’t get a trailer this month or next. I do think we will get a sneak peak at Kim Wu and Tusk before the year is over.

I just dint understand why they would go back on their word when they plainly said March 2016.

A show of concept art is a great idea, but the rate of the rollout of characters last year may mean rash is the only thing they’ve done so far

we might see some trailers over the months there will be multiple characters released season3 at launch

Just like in the case with KI Season 1 back in November 2013 :wink:

I’m not so confident we’ll see her trailer so soon. I also think we’ll see more on Shadow Jago before we see anymore of her. Maybe that will be by the end of next month though, I certainly hope so lol. As for the tease at the end, I think Tusk is probably right :stuck_out_tongue: season 2 started with two veterans, so I’m sure they might do the same for season 3

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I am looking forward to Kim Wu’s trailer but i really doubt tusk will be revealed i think it could be a new character as a tease in Kim Wu’s trailer.

I think the Kim Wu trailer will be later on, given that they still need to release the “Real boy” Shago.

If anything, Kim Wu might get a second tease when they release Shago, since all we got was an image of her nunchuck, hinting that they haven’t got her design or animations quite down yet.

If we do see a Kim Wu trailer, then I definitely don’t think we’ll see Tusk teaser. I think we’ll see a new character to the roster teased, just to make us all hyped for a new face.

IMO on this particular subject, I believe some are being too overly ambitious and forgetting who we are dealing with here.


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On topic: I think it could happen however i would love a tease to a new character first ( not Tusk,gargos, Eyedol or another guest character )

off topic
I was thinking about this… what if they give Kim Wu the same treatment they gave Rash( trailer and have her available for a month for testing…? (maybe make it S1/S2 ultra owners exclusive) It would be awesome if they did this till the release. more bugs could be fixed before release and it would keep us busy for the next couple of months.


Yea but it’d be sad if the bug were the actual characters look and design before a thoroughly fleshed out model.
No on Kim, yes on new characters.

Maybe they are bringing Kameo in, she can morph into creatures, that’s a great beta like testing character.
Don’t bring me a half-cooked KI legacy character. Go big or go home. Kim Wu for March release.

shadow jago Im thinking Shadow Jago

Misleading thread title is misleading.


Still that was for the launch of the game, We are now talking about the next season in an established game. 8 months til release. I just don’t imagine a Kim Wu trailer coming out in September is all I am saying. Maybe after Shadow Jago gets his trailer and release they will start to tease more about Season 3 characters. This is just my opinion on the matter.

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