Kim Wu's New Face

Should Kim Wu Get a new Face?

  • Yes
  • No

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We can’t even get them to rework the terrible season one retros, this isn’t going to happen.


Am I the only one who likes Kim Wu`s face? She is Asian-Korean, so her unique face features are quite accurate imo. I would tap her ■■■.


She looks fine for now. It’s not a necessity to alter models for a cosmetic and might I say, personal reason (there are some that hate her face and others that like it).

I wouldn’t worry about visual reconstruction until the next installment, not season.

Her face is fine. It’s easy to post a real life picture of an Asian woman or even a photoshop edit of Kim’s face, but that doesn’t exactly translate into the ingame character model.

I didn’t say that I disliked her face, simply that his request is outlandish.

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I think her face is actually good too. I don’t see why anyone would really want to change it. IG did a good job with it. Orchid on the other hand…

I love playing as Kim Wu but it’s hard to ignore how bad her face looks in certain settings.

She looks okay on other screens

Still looks nothing like her hero art though


She looks good. Actually, she looks like someone in my College class.

Maybe I should go say hi! LOL :joy:


Her face its fine. You could like it or not, but the face its fine.


If I’m allowed to choose 2 options, can I vote both yes and no?


Her face would’ve been something like a k-pop star.

If all of you are familiar with K-Pop, which female would you want for Kim Wu to represent?

I think the biggest problem for me is that her face seems semi-okay sometimes and then other times it looks terrible depending on the stage, loading screen, etc.


You mean how the lighting in stages makes her face seem off?

Like having that awkward black line or awkward shade transition?

I got you covered @CrazyLCD

And her hero art makes her look in her mid 50s. I grew up watching Kung Fun flicks, so I know

I think the biggest problem with Kim Wu’s face is how it meshes with the lighting and shadows. It just looks unnaturally smooth at times and at others, it looks fine.


Kim Wu’s face looks great in my opinion.

It’s the lighting on certain stages that makes it look worse.


What’s wrong with her face? :confused:


Nothing. Nothing at all.


They made Maya’s model 100% identical to her concept art in-game and it looks fantastic. Kim not so much.

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