Kim Wu's new ethnicity/nationality

No, we did it because it made sense for her origins and backstory in tying into some of the lore we’re taking from the original games.

Why do all your comments sound like conspiracy theory?


That’s what the “San Fancisconite” meant, as San Francisco is in the US. :wink:

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Honestly, I think it’s a good thing they pretty much streamlined Kim Wu’s nationality and solidified it. I was never 100% sure what nationality she was supposed to be, 'cause in KI 2, she was pretty much everything but Korean from what I could tell.

The original Kim was, with all due respect to Kevin Bayliss (and the people who came up with the character bios) a really hot mess of well-intentioned but admittedly ignorant (for lack of a better word) Asian stereotypes, all distilled into one character; like classic!Thunder, though since it was very much the 90’s, I give Rare a pass on this one.

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I think that award goes to Jago, tibetan-ninja-katana wielding-monk-who-speaks-japanese

I wouldn’t say the original KI’s were designed with ignorance or cultural insensitivity. It’s simply that political correctness and respect for minorities weren’t even a thing to be considered, and it was ok to design a character in the basis of stereotypes and “cool factor”.

We have come a long way in cultural awareness. It was not too far in the past (year 2000) where a museum in my zone held a very famous black tribesmen stuffed in 1830 by two French taxidermists.

after years of legal battles, an African association bought the corpse and gave it proper burial. We have come a long way in the last 20 years.


No conspiracy theory. Just thought it would be a smart business move.

Wait, my comments sound like conspiracy theories?

Yes, but of course :wink:

My thinking was in line with yours as far as the Korean nationality, but slightly different reasons. A person with the name Kim Wu…obviously has a Chinese father, but could have a Korean mother. I make this assumption on the basis that Wu is not traditionally a Korean surname. My second point is the name Kim…that is a typical Korean family name…as in or Daesung Kim (fictional name), not a given name. Imagine being named Kim Kim (silly). The first name Kim could have been given just because she was born in the US and it sounds good with the family name.


Don’t be coy. You know how the government works:

Force IG to market KI to the Chinese -> ? -> Profit.

The again, the Chinese are also the most numerous Asian ethnic group in North America. Me thinks that’s more of a reason for MS to infuse some Chinese blood into Kim Wu.

“Hey China! We got a character that is partially Chinese! That means you will buy our game now, right?!”

… Really?

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Yes. You’d be surprised at what foreign companies are required to do in order to do business in China or to get on the good side of its finicky government.

Aside from conducting business, the communist party and the U.S. aren’t exactly on good terms.

I doubt that’s enought for the Chinese to buy their game though.
If they were already interested, then sure, but adding just a single character partially of the same culture just doesn’t seem like something that would persuade an entire nation to buy the game.

The point I am making is that anything helps. Giving Kim Wu some Chinese blood is a minor change that can bolster the image Chinese gamers have of the game.

Are the Chinese really that naive? Is that what you’re saying? That giving an already established character some Chinese influence enough to persuade some Chinese people to buy the game?

It’s like giving a character a gun and a spangled banner to persuade Americans to buy… erh… wait… now that you mention it, it does seem like enough to persuade some people. XD

You may be overestimating the Chinese government.
Jago being from Tibet was enough for them to ban the game.

So where exactly are people getting the Korean thing from? Wu is a strictly Chinese last name. I always thought she was 100% Chinese in KI Gold. I can’t find anything pointing towards her being Korean except the name Kim, which is a Korean last name. But that’s obviously irrelevant since it’s her first name.

I asked a Chinese person and they said Kim Wu name one was Korean and one was Chinese so it makes sense, the mix.

no one questions whether Mariah Carey or Prince or Halle Berry are Black or white,

Why can’t we just LOVE KIM as she is

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Oh, I don’t actually care about her ethnicity. I just don’t care about Kim Wu as a character at all. She gets no love from me whatever her ethnicity is. XD

I thought you’d be a Kim player.

Didn’t you like Leona and Cammy

I like Cammy, yes. What does that have to do with Kim Wu?
So far, the characters I like to play in KI are Orchid and Sadira.