Kim Wu's Instinct

Like Necali from SFV, right?
But it will be… Cool… seeing Kim Wu with Flowing Red Hair and Glowing Stars skin :slight_smile:

Agree 100% and absolutely in now too :sunglasses:

Fire, everywhere she goes, she leaves a trail of fire behind her, hot sparks where she hits the ground and her opponent. Really strong, highly saturated orange that looks almost pink when the sparks fly. The same way that Jagos fireballs or Orchids fire cats explode.

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I hope we aren’t underwhelmed after all these epic ideas when we see IG do something really basic, like make a flash tween of her stepping to the side and taking a bow as her instinct activation

Oh, so the ‘dragon spirit’ is pliable like a whip scarf during instinct???

Cool !

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… Actually… I REALLY like the idea of zoning control by leaving a trail of fire in Instinct mode.

If not Kim, somebody whose Instinct acts similar to Fuzion Frenzy’s Trailblazer where a trail of damage follows them would be very interesting.
The amount of distance one can control with their trailed damage could be determined by last combo length or damage inflicted, etc.

The cat n mouse game becomes more a game of just cat!

The idea I had was just for visuals. I don’t know if she should have any zoning mechanic like that, at least I never intended for this to be a zoning mechanic.

No need for intention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Bouncing the ball of imagination!

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By all means, bounce away.

My wild guess, is that her moves will have “Extended Properties”. Something similar to Cinder’s, but different enough to be different. With Dragons. XD

Hmm wasn’t that idea already taken with Cinder tho? o.o
(the potential damage with the flames I mean)

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Yes but I was thinking more along the lines of it builds more white meter along with damage for a huge cash out during that same combo instead of lasting damage over time. I may have the mechanics confused a little.

Ok, bit of a mad one here, but wait for it.

While in instinct mode, Kim Wu builds shadow meter every time her attacks are blocked. I mean like block string, into shadow move, into block string, into shadow move. This makes her mix up during instinct all day long and leave people guessing continuously.

Of course, if you get the hits, then there’s no great advantage, it’s just there to get you in a high/low mix up until you do get them opened up.

I’d ultimately be proud and happy if Kim’s instinct h throwbacks to her original incarnation

The multiple level fireball ender so freakin cool
A powerful spin kick or split drop kick dealing extreme damage
fire shurikens to throw on floor to trap the opponent (same cause and effect as Riptor’s ground flame)
Multiple increased violent slashing of those nunchaku!!!
( think hisako’s naginata shadow move)

In other words I would love it if her instinct brought her moves she couldn’t otherwise perform out of instinct, like Maya’s multiple dagger throw or Orchid being able to repeatedly summon the almighty firecat jaguar

Come to think of it, her taunt is the one place I WOULD put in one of those jiffy pop or whatever references.
Lol after she freakin demolishes with these fierce combos, she bends over like xianghua from SC and gives a PEACE SIGN lol

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Or Kim doing the finger-wag/wagging her finger at her opponents as her potential taunt :wink:

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She could gain a defense boost and summon a tower of fire around herself that would look like a dragon would be kinda neat.

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Prediction seems strong on that one :grin:

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I just thought of another Instinct idea. Since Kim Wu is a rushdown character, what if her instinct increased her speed and she had extra chip damage? I think a Kim Doing a Epic Kung Fu Pose with Nunchucks, then pushing herself to the limits sounds more Kim Wu to me. Plus, a Speedy Kim Wu with Increased Chip damage sounds scary…LOL

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Wait, we don’t know if Kim Wu is going to remain a rushdown character. Besides, Sabrewulf already has that extra chip damage in his Instinct.


I think her instinct will allow her to chain combos together endlessly. Only if she is hit then she resets. Just like M a x i from soul calibur.

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