Kim Wu's Instinct

I like the multiple hits option or the multiple fireballs or a nunchaku projectile. Extra damage is no fun.

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But it’s very likely that she’s going to remain a rushdown-type character in Season 3 :wink:

What if she’s evolved into a grappler

I would be very surprised
and very disappointed

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It seems the consistent way the revolving developer door turns- only if Keits handles Kim tho. I’d bet he wants her on. A different level…

The MAIN thing is, how does she LOOK

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All these ideas don’t sound good. I’m pretty sure IG will think of something clever.

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How about Kim Wu’s Instinct allowing her Shadow attacks to be unbreakable or unblockable or both and giving her 15% less damage from attacks. If let’s say she is doing poorly and on her last life bar, her Instinct can give her a chance to tip the scale in her favor.

That doesn’t sound good.

No problem at least it isn’t:


or like someone suggested that she pops out another nunchaku which leads me to wonder when her instinct is over she puts it away?

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This idea was entirely aesthetic. You know, like Riptor when she scrapes her claws on the ground.
None of it reflects any idea of what she actually does. This was primarily due to her affinity with the dragon spirit and I have no claim to know how she plays, since I never picked her up in KI2.Gold.

If anything, I’d say she should get the shadow-self sort of instinct. The blue meter from SF Alpha 3. X-ism? V-ism? Can’t remember. That would give great mixup and pressure potential.

The fact that you’ve suggested outright unblockables tells me she’s a particular favourite of yours. :unamused:

Well I like her a lot but I can’t say I have a favorite because I play a lot of characters and it changes from time to time. I get what you mean now, I actually like your new idea of a shadow self which adds extra hits but not making the KV meter move during those extra hits would be sweet. Aesthetic wise, I don’t think they need to over do the dragon since it is on her Nunchaku, possible clothing or tattoos and stage background, the audience gets it similar to Jago

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The KV meter should fill up, otherwise you’re getting infinites. This isn’t MAVEL, this is KI.

No I’m not saying for the KV meter to never fill up I’m saying that with her instinct on - those shadow self hits which double her strikes should not fill up the KV meter, so let’s say you pull a 7 hit combo, the doubling makes it a 14 hit and that is without using Shadow meter, and the opponent can always combo break you.

So the KV meter does fill with every hit but the shadow self doubling strikes never register in the KV meter similar to how Shadow moves don’t fill the KV meter

Yeah, that makes sense. I can see that being ok. This adds to the risk/reward factor of the game, so yeah, I’m good with that.

There you go, see I took your idea and just tweaked it a bit and I think it would actually make a good addition to the game as a unique Instinct while keeping it in line with most characters not having similar style Instincts.

Yey diplomacy!!! :smile:

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Why are you trying to decide instinct for a character that’s already finished

Just running through possible ideas. Nothing’s 100% down, otherwise we’d have season 3 by now.


Rising red dragon spirit surround her leaving her body shining red while on instinct mode.


I’m going out on a limb here but a cool thought would be…

Double her attacks to simulate the whiplash of the nun-chucks. So an example, the player opens a combo goes into an auto-double and then a linker, pops instinct, gets a manual quad which she change into another strength similar to Cinder’s three-hit combos and because of this she will have a recovery similar to Jago during S1.

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