Kim Wu's Colors & Accessories

You know the drill. Hit the link to see what Kim Wu has going for her, here:


Words cannot express how I feel. Just know I nearly spit water everywhere on my computer at the hypeness this brings. I have massive goosebumps, and this makes me so happy. Thank you so much Rukari!

:sob: <-- Joyful Sob



You make me want to secondary her even more now…$#@*!

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Can’t wait to see Tusk’s colours and Retro. :3

Lol, color six for her retro makes her look like Orchid! :joy:


You can change her coat as an accessory right? I wouldn’t want to be wearing pink in all of my colors. Other than that, it all looks pretty good. I like it!


That bottom skirt dress thing is awful… y isn’t it longer? It looks rediculous that small…

The rest is fine but omg WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT lol.



Inb4 people find something wrong with the retro.

Too late :cry:

I noticed her face looks different in the retro… is it because it’s not done yet?

The retro suit is better that the original!! XD beautifull!


It’s the whole face, not just the eyes.

I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t see it.

Y u no just make skirt longah?

black retro is cool tho

Alot of Wu’s modern colors coordinate well with the coat but not all of them ( #2 lookin’ at you)

I am oenstly a but bugged by the fact that her coat hasn’t changed color and some combinations just don’t go well with some of the coat colors.

As for her retro I think it looks alright so far.

I really love the colors and the retro design. I’m not sure if here fighting style will mesh with the way I play though.

Looks better longer imo :blush:


Hair, coat and shoes/leggings are her accesories, so we can change them to match the choosen color.

The difference in her main and retro faces is so obvious to me.

Her main face looks alot softer and more human-like while the retro face looks rather plastic doll-like.