Kim Wu's age

How old do you think Kim will be in the reboot?

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Don’t worry; she’ll be old enough for you. :wink:


But what about for Jago? If they’re together?

I don’t think they will be together in the Reboot. Maybe connected by Gargos due to him ruining both of their lives, but who knows.

Personally around 23 years old for Kim Wu’s new update/reimagining in the new KI :wink:

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Since this game is a reboot, Why don’t we just start over and make her 10, lol!:smile:

My personal guess 24 as for the Kim Wu and Jago getting together I’ll be fine with that KI could use some romance.

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Can you imagine? an old Asian granny :joy: just kidding. But still I want her to be mature enough LOLLL

I’d say between 18-26 sounds reasonable. 17 is too young to me and close to 30 doesn’t sound good.

Just wondering, Why does it matter how old she should be?

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I don’t think there will be romance. I feel the only connection Kim will have with Jago, is Gargos. I was reading more into the story of KI 2, and found out that the Ancestors of Kim are the ones that sealed Gagros away, so Kim Wu is the descendant of those people. So, She might have the biggest role of all, and that might mean a Final Battle with Gargos for the World. :slight_smile:



I hope there is no romance between Jago and Kim Wu and that IG doesn’t take every request we ask for Season 3. I do like Tusk and Maya romance though!


I don’t quite understand what your trying to say but I think I slightly understand. Seeing that this KI is a reboot, it’s unclear whether Tusk or Maya are still married or if they even met yet. As for the Kim Wu and Jago lover relationship, there was nothing to validate that other than threads and fan art on the Internet. I feel like someone like Jago is more focused on purging Gargos the Tiger Spirit than looking for a woman to spend his life with. Allthough I don’t want any romance between for Jago if there is a potential mate for him, it should be a totally new character design IMO.

Master Wu? Now that will be super badA$$! LOL :joy:


Tusk and Maya romance makes no sense on K12 tho ):

Unless IG came up with a reasoning for them to still remain together in the reboot then it’s possible. With Jago and Kim there are way more potential reasons to have some sort of relationship imho. Key word “some sort” xD;

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Late early-mid 20s for me

like 23-25~

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You know, it is just I love KI for breaking rules or prejudgments. I know we live in 2015. But still I want the videogames to be more clever and less superficial. She can be 20 or 40, it is just I want her to be smart and most important a real woman. Not another top model.

Just to say something else, I would love her to not have big breast like old games. And I know it is not in relation with the age! LOL

My opinion, peace!