Kim Wu's age

I personally hope they stick to their guns and keep her at 21. 22 is good too.

Personally AND in my honest opinion, a better age for Kim Wu would be 23 in the new KI reboot :wink: :smile:

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Doesn’t it say somewhere that she’s a college student? I think that narrows it down to 21/22 max. Unless she spent so much time training that she was educated a little later than most.

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Well that’s not entirely true. Not all characters aged that much, Maya only aged 4 yrs @Doodydude23 I’m thinking the exact same thing. @ KIFANATIC8488 Well that’s still early twenties still so I can see that. I just think of early twenties would be nice.

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23 later going on 24 maybe? :wink: (Had this thought had for a long time for one of her endings, but might sound silly.) I had this thought of Kim after regaining her honor and possibly defeating Gargos, her people later surprise her by celebrating this chinese/korean tradition type of celebration/birthday showing their appreciation and becoming the next (or the only) guardian. Heck, why not include a bruce lee inspired statue

Again, silly idea. Just thought of sharing :laughing:;;;

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Just curious as to why “how old she would be” matters?

That and most of the original KI characters particularly the human characters have aged considerably in the new KI reboot

Has her age changed yet now that she’s out? She is a college student right?