Kim wu is too low tier

1-Having a lvl 49 Kim Wu means nothing with the double xp
2-You can reach lvl 50 with each character in vs against cpu with combo assist using only heavies. Lvl doesnt represent dextery with a character, only “time” spend in it.
3-2 weeks Kan-Ra was low tier. First,who sets these tiers? In two weeks you have to get used to the 4 new chars, and the HUGE change list for the rest. Its almost impossible
4-Season 3 chars seem to fit in very different roles. Tusk its a heavy hitter bully. Arbiter a frame trap-zoner. Rash an almost unzoneable aerial rushdown. What is Kim?

For me, an antizoner and whiffpunisher monster. Her nunchucks and parry should mean you never should use a reactable projectile against her. Once she has dragons, her floaty jump can be canceled into a cross up oportunity, all her moves can be safe. Coupling this with her dragon kick, you are forced to get up close, her optimal range, where she can open you with her comand grab and start a combo, threat you with her high low game…

Kim has the same gameplay as a mix of Tj and Spinal:
Spinal:get her special resource, get you conditioned to not use special moves (power devour/nunchaku/parry/dragon kick)
Tj: once conditioned, punish everything.
Jump:dragon kick/tremor
Block low: overhead opener/superman punch/grab
Block high: low kick into opener/grab
Always threat with dash/dragon cancel into regular/command grab

Are you using all this tools?


We can take this convo to the Omen section

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kim wu hits like a goddamn truck on lock out. do the stage 4 shadow ender flying kick QCF + Kick and then tell me she sucks lol. say bye bye to 60% of your life with no fancy inputs or needing to be an acrobat on the arcade stick. just need a good lock out and WHAM. they are dead as fuckk. kim’s not easy to play, shes new. give her time in the community’s hands, you’ll see just how insane she can be in due time. all the new s3 fighters arent gonna be fully discovered probably well into Q4 2016 - early 2017.

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You can’t claim a character is “low tier” after a week of the game being out.


CExactly on LCD or anyone proving how great a character is.
Even Keits dropped a lot of Kim combos in her reveal.

It’s all about what she can do in that moment and I really don’t care about a tournament or a stream where people are playing the same game that doesn’t change anything. It’s the same game.

I agree she’ll get buffs and nerfs

And to the Davy person-
Level 50 means I get all her accessories, not that I will have a 3 ultra supreme perfect against blackface rash.

I don’t believe anyone is in any place to request buffs or nerfs after a single week of a new patch.

Also Kim is absolutely not bad at all.


We dont need weeks or month to know if a chracter is good or not. We are not blind, we have played fighting games for decades. I personally think she is low tier because of reasons posted in the topic. I wish someone could prove me wrong about my points.Whiff punishing will not work in big tourneys, her gameplan is predictable, too predictable. In yesterday LCD stream, you needed to see how kim wu were getting destroyed,even the kimwus wtih flashy dragon cancel followups were reckt, even LCD kim wu was destroyed,he even claimed she is low tier. in chat. I didnt need LCD to say it himself, I knew it by playing and comparing her to the cast. Same as I can say that tusk and rash are good without waiting a month or so.

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You kinda do…


So you’re saying after one week we know everything there is to know about Kim Wu. All her mixups, her oki game, her footsies ranges vs. the cast. We also know every single advantage and disadvantage on a high level match vs. every character released with their changes. That every match up she’s faced with (in a majority) she has a disadvantage.

Pardon me if it sounds like I might have a tone, but yes we do need more than a week to determine if she’s as bad as you say. One player doesn’t determine, for me at least, where a character lands in a tier chart, especially when someone lists said character a week after release. In addition, when we haven’t seen a Kim in an offline tournament setting.

High level Sadira’s have said that she’s now low tier, yet Grief was able to maximize her game enough to get top 3 in an 180+ man bracket on the 8Bit Beatdown. If she’s so low tier, how is it that she could get so far??

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I’d say a good 10 days of playing Kim for hours on end is a good indicator of her abilities/ weaknesses- months aren’t going to change anything there-

I’d hardly think she’s the only character in the KI universe that has some Easter egg ability to materialize from absolutely nowhere when we are talking about spacing, a static shadow firecracker and a 2 minute recovery from a dragon kick facing the wrong way,

but sure come back to this thread when she is updated or not and then you can prove your predictions.

fought against CrazyLCD’s Kim Wu yesterday, low tier my as$. he was already pulling off very exciting and entertaining combos on me. just pure fun fighting that guy, he really brought out the best in me for a bit and i took a match. then he closed it 2 - 1 on the tie breaker i think round 2. im gonna put in time for Kim Wu, lol i was inspired

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Whatever bruh Im out of this thread

GTFO :smile:

/15chars and edit cuz not everyone gets spanish

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Then Kan Ra must be the weakest character in the game. Because that was the first impression of him from S2. Not only was it wrong, it was astronomically wrong…

[quote=“dsfsdf, post:29, topic:8659”]
I personally think she is low tier because of reasons posted in the topic. I wish someone could prove me wrong about my points
[/quote] Your points are (mostly) accurate recognition of Kim’s weaknesses. They could all be right, but your conclusion could still be completely wrong. Going through your complaints point by point has 1. already been done, and 2. Not satisfied you. So there’s no need to do it again.

LCD claims all his characters are low tier. In any case don’t hide behind hearsay appeals to perceived authority. If LCD thinks Kim Wu is low tier he will come and post on here what he thinks. I suspect one of the reasons he’s not here is that he knows 1 week is too short a time to be making this claim.

You can’t make this claim either. You can certainly make the claim that they are good now. But I think both of these characters are going to suffer more and more as people better understand them.

Frankly, if you are the kind of guy who is in here after a week complaining about tier lists, my opinion is that you are too focused on the character’s role in your success and not focused enough on what you are doing. Whether Kim is low tier or not, you can win with this character. Worry about that, and what you can do to have more victories, instead of trying to change the whole world to make you win more. If you had come here and posted “I cannot see how Kim Wu’s gameplan and tools lead to success” you would be getting all kinds of useful advice. Instead, you have a situation where you are just obstinately refusing to accept any rational discussion.


I agree with all the complaints about Kim, she is such a disappointment for me. I expected greatness like how Jago evolved from classic KI to what he looks like and plays like now. I suppose that was too much to ask for

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Nah… Jago is a Cheap character… If he had the damage of Kim…Shudders…

Edit: I could be salty about jago tho…

oh lawd help us


My thoughts on a lot of this thread.

even @TheKeits is lol’ing at this guy. its definitely friday and we all needed a good joke

You are trying too hard bruh