Kim wu is too low tier

I see people posting kim wu tech videos which is good but in a real match, you will get wrecked. kim wu is the weakest character in this game. Slow range, floaty as mewtwo, no anti airs, no good normals apart from meduim punch and heavy kick which still have slow speed and range… Her dragon mechanic should have been similar to spinal, You have to work so hard to get dragons and hopefully use them in fights, when most characters in Ki will do the same damage without even trying. e.g against a thunder you have almost zero chance of winning, trying to escape his 50/50 setups, with her floaty jump and slow speed and short range pokes. The struggle is too real in ranked.

Yea hope Kim gets a couple buffs regarding her dragons.

I feel each low damage FP ender should grant a slower smaller dragon projectile. Why they made each dragon kick different angles I have NO idea.

Hisako doesn’t slash her naginata at different heights- Maya does not flip kick in air at different levels for each button, all her openers are ground level. I’d prefer Kim’s dragon kick to travel different lengths on the same levellike orchids blockade runner

Most of the tech vids I’ve seen never really show you what to do, they just do it and say, ’ you can do whatever you want, like this-’ wtf

You really can only get a good combo unless you jump in with an attack, her start up depends on the opponents mistakes or negative blocks which do place her low tier, especially to rash wrecking ball spammers.
How many Kim players have had a shadow firecracker just spin in front of say, Sabrewulf, he’s just sitting there snarling, not one hit- or a wasted vertical dragon kick with sadira way over THERE

Usually I will find the opponents weakness or habits and use tech to exploit that, unless Kim’s weak game has lost by the second round.

She’s still fun to play tho lol

I’m almost breaking level 49

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C88 Summerall was 2nd place in the world with Kim-Wu, and he didnt even use any Dragon-cancel tech. She is NOT a bad character.


Be that as it may, I still have not seen a good Kim Wu, and myself have struggled to get in and do meaningful setups with her, not to mention a lot of weird shenanigans that don’t help her at all (such as whiffing on an otherwise perfectly fine shadow counter that should’ve hit in the 1st place since the enemy did nothing to prevent it or projectiles getting through her anti-projectile special move). I’d like to see footage of this guy’s 2nd place run to see what a good 1 actually looks like, and is capable of…

While I do think she is lacking in some area’s over the past week I’ve grown to appreciate her style of fighting. Yeah she is the hardest out of all the cast to get in but at the same time I feel more appreciative of her realness. By that I mean she isn’t a Shago, Kan Ra, or Riptor that can easily and a times cheaply win matches. It feels satisfying to play as her.

The only thing I would buff is her Dragon Kick. At times it can be stuffed really easily. Almost every airbourne opponent can beat it by just hitting any button in the air. Also a lot other special moves like Rash’s wrecking ball and other similar movement based special moves beat the Dragon Kick.

Lastly her Shadow Counter sucks. It completely demoralized me in this match and I just gave up and instead recorded the match.

Control the sky and ground. Once they mess up a move go in. When they jump in the air kick them out. When they are blocking full screen medium drag kick to their head and dash across and cross them up.

Depends on the player. Aganos isn’t high tier, but yet he was doing great at KIWC.

He was #2 in the world with Kim wu, basically by doing nothing but counter-hit setups.

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Actually, she does. Her leap kick “DP” has different angles of travel depending on which button is used.

Dragon kick is not analogous (in any way) to Orchid’s slide. Dragon kick is NOT an opener - there is no reason you should be wanting to do a “shallow” dragon kick across the screen. The additional angles you get off the medium and heavy versions give her one of the best AA’s for aerial approaches in the game. Use them to punish people for trying to take to the air in the mid-range.

Kim is definitely scrupulously honest on approach, almost to a fault when she doesn’t have any dragons. Her gameplan is not, and is not meant to be, “go in go in go in.” Instead, she tries to make the opponent afraid to press buttons and do things due to her penchant for whiff punishing. It’s a pretty different gameplan for KI, and yeah, because of her shallow buttons she can feel like quite the struggle character sometimes, but overall she has solid tools once she’s closed the gap to where she wants to be.


At this stage in the development of the game, “Kim Wu is too low tier” just means “I am not able to win enough with Kim Wu.” Sorry, but the game is two weeks released in the wild. It’s way too soon to start demanding major changes.

[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:2, topic:8659”]
Why they made each dragon kick different angles I have NO idea.
[/quote] This is a strange thought. It’s pretty obvious that the different kicks counter different things. This gives Kim essentially three moves instead of only one. Her grounded leg kicks are the same, but no one would ask “why does this one hit low when the other two are mid attacks?”


As an Omen player, she isn’t low tier.

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Just as a reminder, two weeks after Kan Ra released everyone said he was low tier…


Sorry- I was talking about her ground kick move:flushed:

Mayas QCF+K, All strenghs of this move have the same property, that was my intention. They all are ground level.

I love both Maya and Kim’s QCB+K as well, and don’t get me wrong. i think i love kiM overall even more than Orchid as it does seem rewarding to land combos

When you do…

HeR accessories and colors outrank orchid and her finesse is smooth
I understand theres a leating curve, but even at level 49 i nw kinda wish there were still more damage for firecracker ender and shadow firecracker should move her forward- or suck the opponent in, like hisako or fulgore mid range laser opener. Strictly my opinion, i can take her as she is, just how id buff her.

I have found some nastY sweet things like the firecracker extra ultra end and the dragon cancel with LT (who knew lol) i was trying to press 3kicks on the odd controller

THE OP feels shes too low tier. I just would like some buffs.

Play CrazyLCD’s Kim Wu and then tell me she’s low tier. Kim Wu has incredible damage and she really doesn’t have to do much to get it. Is she an easy character to win with? No. But that doesn’t mean she’s a low tier fighter. I would put her in the Mid-Tier along with Sadira as well as Orchid.

To be frank, I think before it is said and done, she’ll end up getting a few nerfs. Her raw damage is some of the strongest in the game right now.

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While I don’t downplay anyone’s skill, I wish people would stop saying things like this. The existence of something does not prove causation, and that player’s success doesn’t say anything about future success. In my opinion he may have been able to do so well because Kim Wu is a brand new character, so people were still confused as to how to fight her.


Unbelievable, Sadira and orchid are far far better than kim wu. in everything. Raw damage is useless without good normals and the SPEED to use them. Let LCD use her at a big tournament instead of MAYA or orchid. in my opinion he will get wrecked. its like being good at playing DAN does not make DAN good

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Please remember that people are just as free to share their opinion as you are, whether they agree with you or not.

Right now you feel Kim is low tier, and that’s fine. But we are just past the one-week mark, and I can almost guarantee nobody (even LCD) has come close to unlocking her full potential yet.

I’ve been playing Kim exclusively since S3’s launch for my Challenge, and I certainly feel there are areas where she struggles. But I’m also unclear as to how much of the struggle is my fault, versus a problem with the character. Based on Season 2, we can be certain each of the four released characters will have some change coming up, whether a buff or a nerf, across the remaining four months. I’m looking forward to putting time in with her and trying to get better with her.

At the same time, it isn’t entirely fair to say “this pro is good with her, so she’s fine,” either. Look at Kan Ra, for example; rarely seen in lower level play (and those you do see usually aren’t great) but when someone learns Kan Ra at a very high level, they can be extremely dangerous.

Essentially, discussion and debate on this kind of subject is fine, but as the OP you can’t just decide the only opinions that matter to the discussion are those which are in line with your own, on either side.

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he certainly isn’t ranked that high. Also, ranked matches and the ladder favor ppl who play all the time.

Good player though.

Says the guy whose char is now in the top 2 along w Glacius

Right now Kim would GREATLY benefit from:

-having a better crouching HP hitbox (gets stuffed all the time)
-Dragon ender dealing a little more damage (you can use a level 4 dragon ender and it barely takes off any damage
-Shadow Counter fix

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I think her damage is fine.

I do completely agree her D HP anti air hit box needs Increasing a little height wise and something needs to be done about her shadow counter imo. Other than that I think she is fine.

Dragons are the key to Kim, dragon cancel mix ups and frame trap throw combo opener mix ups, and being able to turn juggles into big damage even from a full screen punish.

Is she low tier? That is still to be determined. But she is definitely not a day one pick up and play character that you will be able to do well with without putting some work in.

I forgot to add : That she also has the best reset potential after a wall splat ender in the game imo. With her throw opener and some other stuff she can do (so in short if your near a wall do the splat ender).