Kim WU does too little damage

Is it me or does Kim Wu, hardly do any damage, and is very weak?

She does enough damage for me. Actually, with her Shadow Dragon Kick Ender, more than enough.

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Do you think shes weak?
I find myself sometimes losing 75 percent damage in just a couple of hits…

Shadow dragon kick ender is your friend if you want damage with Kim Wu, as Salindy has already stated.

Everyone’s health is the same in this game. You either have to work on your combo breaking or your defence.

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Stop getting locked out. Everybody has the same amount of hit points in this game.


Actually, I think ARIA has a tad bit more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Just…just give me a minute…

I’m sorry


Heeeeeeehahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I needed that. I had a bad day.


No but I agree man. Whenever Kim wu gets a level 4 Ender. It should end your life bar. Her shadow dragon kick souls end the game on hit. Her parry should do counter hit DP damage. Her taunt should give her a bar of meter everytime she do it :smirk:


Shadow Dragon Kick opener > Dragon Dash Cancel > One Chance Break L M or H Dragon Kick > Dragon Dash Cancel > Shadow Dragon Kick

You just got roughly 50%+ damage.

It’s mostly you. Kim Wu does good damage, particularly at level 3 and 4 combos with a bar to cash out.


The only thing Kim struggles with a bit in terms of damage is building ender level.

Can’t tell if you’re joking or not. Either way, she has same health but divided by 3 instead of 2.


I think he’s talking about how her Instinct works, since her bodies will divide up damage even when two of them are only a pixel away from death.

The devs have said that she has slightly more health, by like .01% or something like that (it’s rather negligable)…


Im speaking on my past experience.

Oh, not you, sorry. It was meant for Galactic Geek.

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