Kim Wu Bogus

Kim Wu Plz!

I know that shadow countering Omen whilst in mid-chun kick would more than likely hit anyone. Still, after playing Kim for a bit, I just realized how bad her shadow counter truly is. Also, her damage seems nerfed, woooooah.


I don’t understand at all. What were you expecting to happen?

Lol. That’s Kim. XD

Her damage got nerfed? When?

But yeah.

Kim Wu

Really? I thought it did for some reason, maybe I’m just not used to it anymore considering how much RAAM does.

Yep, Kim Wu. When you gonna quit her lol

I was expecting her shadow counter to hit like shown in the animation, but I’m fairly certain that’s just Omen. Regardless, her counter sucks in general as it often misses her opponents entirely.

Do you want me to? Honestly.

Honestly, no. You are one if not the only people who hasn’t openly sat there and complained about Kim (granted, it is well warranted).

Plus you have an awesome Kim that some may end up looking up too now that she’s not in LCDs radar.

You know how Thompxson at this point is Jago as much as Grimmmz was once Jago or how MyGod is Wulf or how Robelo was TJ, something about you is Kim.

At least that’s how I see it.

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You break my heart, @oTigerSpirit :cry:


That’s just Omen… he cant be shadow countered consistently while doing Flurry kicks becasue he can hit the button a 2nd time and extend it…therefor your shadow counter is too early.
That has nothing to do with Kim Wu


You shouldn’t be trying to shadow counter lightning legs…that would’ve hit anyone.

Kim’s SC isn’t very good. That doesn’t make her bad or mean she doesn’t have defensive options. Much of the cast had even worse shadow counters before S3 launched.

Just wanted to make sure you guys read this part…

Sure some of the cast doesn’t have “good” shadow counters. But, Kim is the only cast member that will actually miss her counter within a reasonable distance. Just figured that it should always catch, I don’t much mind being hit out of it.

We read it and we read this part too… just making sure you are for sure Certain of why it happened and anyone else that didnt know or possibly watched your video and thought it was due to Kim SC as well.

Errr, sure. I guess I didn’t clarify well enough. My point of this thread is just suggesting that Kim Wu tends to miss most shadow counters. Granted, this was a bit melodramatic, was sort of jabbing at the people who says she is trash and whatnot.

Still, there are situations where she will miss her hit despite the animation coming in contact with the opponent. At first I thought it was a bug, but it sort of just became a thing, something that I still don’t understand why it’s there.

If I happen to record an actual instance, I’ll do so.

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Cool, just dont do it against Omen or Rash Wrecking ball lol

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I learned the hard way with Jago… :disappointed:

DP’d his wrecking ball with complete confidence. Didn’t go as planned.

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I haved played quite much against Kim Wu because the person I train with mained her for a while. He has something for the characters that most people won’t use (maybe because they require effort or are considered low tier). Her frametrap is good and combined with her overhead she gets me most of the time if I’m not careful. I also need to be close to fight so it’s kind of a studied match. When we play together it looks like we are playing SF more than KI =P

I enjoy fighting Kim Wus, because she’s not for everybody and the ppl who uses her has the style I prefer fighting against, meaning: the match will be interesting.

That’s why I said she’s awful… -_-

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Lol you got bodied. Not as bad as me though.

Jagos awful.

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We should play sometime! I’d love to fight your Wulf. I have trouble with him using Kim Wu, so the more practice, the better!

That’s right. Keep sleeping on her. One day!



Your main is suck… LOL

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No prob, let me know when you usually play so when I’m available I’ll send you a message to see if we can play =)
I’m tired of ranked -__- …BTW, I requalifyed and put myself on porpouse in bronze(*) to use characters I’ve never use, just don’t get fooled by that XD

(*) I’m really bad with those characters but I get to fight with all ranks and it’s kind of cool, I needed the fresh air. Also I wanted to check how the lower rankings were doing . I’m not destroying anyone since my skill level is null with S2/S3 characters and it’s not the idea either, but I may know how to break better. But it’s funny how ppl surprises me with new things. When they are learning they aren’t afraid to hit more buttons or do crazy things, so it’s fine to learn new characters that way. I’m not intendet to frustrate anyone since I don’t use my mains, but…I’m surprised that I’ve played like 16 matches and none tb…ed on me, I was expecting more agressiveness XD