Killer Instinct with characters from Kakuto Chojin and Tao Feng

Microsoft owns the franchises Kakuto Chojin and Tao Feng and both are fighting games based on dark theme, which fits perfectly in Killer Instinct universe.

Please Microsoft and team Iron Galxy, bring Killler Instinct seasons 3 with the characters of the games Kakuto Chojin and Tao Feng. It would be great to have characters like Shadow of Kakuto Chojin and Jade Dragon, Divinity or Geist of Tao Feng in Killer Instinct.

Oh, and please, do not forget Dark Queen of Battletoads in Killer Instict season 3.


Yeah, it’s kind of funny that they ignore those other fighting game IP’s. Am sure none of those games will ever see the light of day because of KI and competing fight games and all so why not just add some of them permanently into KI?


I literally haven’t heard of those games since my teenage years, I would pay to see Fiery Phoenix on the screen again or Asad.


bring in those awesome characters or at least have Tao Feng available for xboxlive

Geist and Divinity were awesome

Exile and Vegard are my #1 choices.

If we’re going for characters that some fans might recognize, I’d say either Exile or Fiery Phoenix and either Asad or Roxy.

My picks would be either Master Sage or Jade Dragon and either Shadow or Reiji.

It’s kinda sad that no one at MS is willing to give these two IPs another try. One could be a solid 3D Mortal Kombat style of game and the other could be a cool Tekken style of game.

It’s easy to look at them now and say that they haven’t aged well, but I see a solid core here for each game. The character designs would need some tidying up and the stories could be greatly expanded upon, but I always saw a lot of potential in these two.

It’s a shame that MS takes this approach with their IPs. Quantum Redshift could’ve been their Wipe Out, Rallisport Challenge their rally car racer, but nope, it’s all Forza.

I love Killer Instinct. It’s one of my favorite games of the last ten plus years, but I also love fighting games in general and want as many good ones as possible. Specifically, I’d like to see as many reasons to own an Xbox One for fighters as possible. Same with racing games, JRPGs and many other genres as well for that matter.

Sorry to stray off topic. I’d absolutely like to see a character from TF and a character from KC in Killer Instinct. I’d just like to see them in their own sequels that much more.

You are right, the lack of diversity in the fighting game roster is bleak, yet what we get is lackluster in context and design. How canexecs do that to the general buying public??? It’s the third year fir xboxone and only one fighting game that’s original ip, that is snail paced and flawed

I still support this idea

the formula is simple and basic

They are ignored because they do not appeal, are not commercials. Forgotten failures (in sales, or game play, or design, or the horrible name)

Games that did not work out.

Make a quick search with 2 photos

A photo of Kakuto Chojin or photo of Tao Feng

another picture of a character from SF, MK, KI, DOA, SC, KOF (choose one)

And let’s count how many people recognize Kakuto Chojin or Tao Feng …

They are forgotten games and that has commercial appeal

Forgotten games have commercial appeal? I kinda thought you were making the opposite argument there, could you clarify a bit? Curious what you mean here.

I tend to think that KI’s budget is a little lower than the Halos and Gears in MS’ lineup. If they could bring some of these other fighters back with some dev teams like IG, and do a good job with them like DH and IG have, then they could help bolster their lineup in this genre and I tend to think that they could
help both KI’s sales and the Xbox FG community.

Sony has SFV. MS isn’t going to match that and it likely wouldn’t be cost effective to pay for exclusivity on multiple large franchises, but bringing back some smaller ones and building a roster of quality pseudo-indy fighters, where there are plenty of good titles to choose from and a little nostalgia to play on would be a nice way to go about bringing genre fans in and/or keeping them.

Would be awesome guest characters in KI

sorry, english is not my primary language

It was supposed to have written

They are games forgotten for various reasons. And they do not have commercial appeal. So it makes no sense to be redone, or enter as a guest character.

You are suggesting and asking for characters that do not have commercial appeal, because games are “bad” commercially. Sales were failures, and are not popular

KI needs to sell, that’s clear

So what would sell more?

KI with a guest char fron Kakuto Chojin or Tao Feng


Ki with Scorpion or Master Chief

That’s my point of view

Does Iron Galaxy will give us the happiness of being able to play with some character Tao Feng and Kakuto Chojin in KI Season 3 ?

Thanks for explaining, I see now where you’re coming from. Much appreciated.

I think that Rash’s inclusion as a guest character should tell us that sales aren’t the only factor when MS/IG consider’s a guest character. Yeah, Battletoads has a cult following, no question, but we’re certainly not putting that character anywhere near the same level in terms of sales potential as Master Chief, are we? Probably not.

Plus from MS’ perspective, they likely don’t need or expect KI to be a massive triple-A seller. Would selling more better than selling yes? Sure, but to the point where they need to put Master Chief in the game? I dunno. As for a character like Scorpion, I’d assume MS would have to shell out some serious money for an exclusive WB/NRS character. Can’t imagine that being worth it.

But I get what you’re saying in general. My argument against that would be that, based on a character like Rash being in the game, maybe using KI as a lithmus test for franchises to gauge interest. Do people want to see Joanna Dark again? What about the Kakuto Chojin brand or Tao Feng? What about Lost Oddysey? How about Crimson Skies or any other defunct MS owned properties?

I don’t think that idea (or Rash specifically) make these types of characters any more likely than Marcus Phoenix or Lara Croft or any other big character, but I think they at least allow for the possibility that more consideration can be given beyond what’s going to sell KI the most and for fans, at least, I don’t think that’d be a bad thing, as it likely opens up a good deal more possibilities than some of the more obvious ideas I’ve seen floating around here.

Bump because Tao Feng