Killer Instinct TV series in CW

Following DC’s Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends, how would you picture a Killer Instinct TV series in CW?

And who would you cast the characters?

Somi from IOI as Kim Wu

Kristanna Loken as ARIA

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I’ve talked about this in a “KI Movie Thread” once.

It depends on how much is funded to the franchise, KI is “The most-played fighting game on Xbox One”, so it’s possible, but this also depends on the actors, props, special effects etc.

But if they had the money for the actors I’ve suggested, that’s a lot :joy:

My suggestions:

Jago- Christian Bale
Sabrewulf- CGI
Glacius- Motion Capture Suit
Thunder- Dave Bautista
Sadira- ???
Orchid- Kendall Jenner
Spinal- ???
Fulgore- Robot Prop
Shadow Jago- ???
TJ Combo- Will Smith
Maya- ??? PinkDiamond kappa
Kan-Ra- Willem Dafoe
Riptor- CGI/Robot Prop
Omen- Lee Pace with Motion Capture Suit
Aganos- CGI
Hisako- Elizabeth Olsen
Cinder- Ryan Reynolds
ARIA- Charlize Theron
Kim Wu- Jamie Chung
Tusk- Chris Hemsworth Maximilian kappa
Mira- Margot Robbie
Gargos- Josh Brolin
Eyedol- ???
Kilgore- Prop Robot

If guest characters were going to be in it (knowing that they most likely won’t be involved):
Rash- ???
Arbiter- Keith David as voice over
General RAAM- ???


Bad choices!

No thanks, I don’t want some corny CW quality KI spinoff that’ll even further complicate the already hard to follow plot. I’d prefer an animated movie or CG film and or TV series.

But this already exists! Didn’t you know?

PS: I think Sabrewulf is the culprit, he’s always taking body parts for his experiments.


Why Batista for thunder? Is it so he can Batista Bomb fulgore? :joy::joy:

Seems to have the facial structure for him, and strength (Or physical look), I guess. Just my suggestions.

Why cw? Let’s get a Netflix original for this.

Forget cast, picking the creator/show runner should be the aim of this discussion. A Netflix original killer instinct animated series by:
Bruce Timm
Giancarlo Volpe
Jim Krieg

That would be great!

hell no

Personally, I think a CG movie or better, a Netflix CG series, would be ideal.

A movie or show with real actors means either doing CG for over half the roster anyways and if you’re putting that on CW, you know it’ll look super low budget.

I’m also trying to imagine a serious CW show full of pretty people (aka every CW show ever) that’s KI themed, and I’m not picturing it. I dunno, Buffy had a lot of stuff KI has, but not necessarily all in one episode.

Plus, I tend to wonder if a network like CW would be right for a fighting game show whose audience tends to skew older.