Killer Instinct - Shadow Lords - Guardians Tutorial: Owl

This week in Shadow Lords we are excited to bring you the latest addition to the Guardian family, the Owl.

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sniff sniff I can just smell the combo potential for certain characters

Combo potential? I smell DIRT. Tons of beautiful shenaniganny dirt.



Dude. Feral Dash on TJ looks amazing. The things you could be able to do!

“THE OWwhhlss FEERuuhhll DAAASHHHH…”


Someone please show Aganos using this, I need that in my life


The question is… can Sabrewulf cancel his own feral dash into an Owl dash? :imp:

Neat, was hoping for something different but at least the guardians have biw veeb finished finally

The first iteration of the Aganos feral dash was hilariously OP. From full screen you were able to do low rock, dash through, overhead for a practically unlockable mixup. You can still do it now but it’s not as easy.

It’s suuuper fun finding all the weird stuff you can do with it.


Feral Glacius forward dash :joy:


I’m certain there’s a typo in here, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what you were going for. “Been” and it’s just victimized by autocorrect?

What I don’t understand is why is the owl the guardian that allows for feral cancels and not whatever the hell the exemplar guardian is. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the owl to be the one that parrys and the cat thing would feral dash.

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Guys, I just thought of a scary idea for a new guardian.

What if it lets you summon Gargos-esque minions?


¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯


Yeah… what I was trying to say have been finished finally. Sorry, lol

Stahp lmao

It’s almost worth playing just to see this…


I have yet to check it out. I tried it with Kilgore and got wrecked lol

I hope the Crimson Owl lets you air dash.

(I don’t like to be negative or hyperbolic, but if the Crimson Owl is yet another that gives you a chance for critical hits I will enter a spiral of despair from which I may never recover.)

I tried it on my riptor but it replaces my run. I will probably never put the owl on my riptor again. I like my crimson bat better

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