Killer Instinct - Shadow Lords - Guardians Tutorial: Owl


Damn man. The crimson bat came and went that quick huh ? I had literally just about gotten to the 10k gems I needed to get it and it’s gone now lol. Any chances it’ll be back up there at some point ?


I still think there should be a pack for every guardian always available to buy. So I as the consumer can exactly what I want and get exactly what I pay for. Sure you can leave some of it up to chance, but there should be a crimson bat pack, killer ward, killer ram, killer snake, etc… Something else I found helpful last night is that when you have duplicate cats and you decide to transmute, you note get astral energy and gems back. I love that, it’s like getting cash back from your purchase of dog food.


Definitely man. There should be killer pack of each guardian up there most all the time. I still don’t have a watcher… never have even seen one because i guess I missed when it was first up there.


So, if I activate the Owl on Sabrewulf, it means I can Feral Fly? :smiley:


I noticed in dossiers that there’s no crimson tiger or owl. Any idea why everyone gets one at the moment ? Also is there no way to stop a crimson guardian outside of those exclusive packs?


I thought they were gunna make crimson guardians out of all of them. I’ve already got the dossier for the crimson ram


Can you tell me what the special property of Crimson Ram is (from the dossier)? Haven’t gotten that one yet.


I think it’s Crit damage like the Bat.


I think sonic is right, but the I’d have to double check when I get home