Killer instinct sequel idea

I’ve posted about this in the past but I wanted to update and add more to my idea. In my opinion killer instinct is the perfect throw back game that covers the whole story of killer instinct. It’s the equivalent of MK9. It give us every character and perfectly ties up the story. It’s a true fan service. That’s why I think killer instinct the sequel should be a game that takes place in the future years later with a mostly new and exciting cast, with a few old returning characters.
I think from a story perspective aria realized the only way to secure humanitys future it is better to work with the heroes instead of against them. Aria made all the heroes special suits think x-men style and used them to help keep peace in the world and train a new set of heroes. The game would take place 30 years later.
Jago - old man monk with white hair. He’s resting at his monastery meditating.
Saberwulf - finally cured thanks to ultra tech and retired to his home to live a normal life
Thunder and eagle - went back to their land and raised up a brand new Indian reservation .
Glacius and cinder - killed cinder in a heated battle. He made a deal with aria to share his technology but only if It was used for true pure good in the world.
Shadow jago - since shadow jago was created out of energy due to omen leaving jago he searched the world for a purpose he helped hunt down all the remaining mimics and shadows and was the only person who could absorb their energy and power. He hasn’t been seen since.
Sadira - after helping destroy Gargos she moves deeper underground with her assassian lurking in the shadows some day to return wanting revenge in aria.
Orchid - was given command of ultra tech armies and training the new generation of defenders
Spinal aganos kan rah - once they were forced to fight together during the gargos invasion they realized they were a powerful team. Kan rah freed aganos of his spell that forced him to hunt kan rah forever and the 3 became ultratech relic hunters. Having lived for centuries they decided to return to their original home and decided to finally rest together at the tomb of the kings and told aria if they were ever needed that’s where they would be.
Fulgore - after becoming self aware and the last robot left he survived aria as a soldier of his own choice
Tj - stayed with ultra tech as a combat trainer
Maya and Mira - they finally decided to settle their fight once and for all. Maya killed Mira and buried here in their home town
Riptor - riptor took all the remaining versions of her to leave in the Forrest and start a tribe
Omen - they were thrown back into the astral plane when gargos died plotting a way out to get revenge.
Hisako - finally found peace and returned to her grave for enteral peace
Aria - making ultra tech as the true good company to help humanity
Kim wu - aged and a veteran fighter after training under jago helps train the new recruits
Tusk - decided to himself to live off the land and become one with nature
Eyedol - stayed in the shadow realm to rule and agreed to keep it closed since the heroes helped him kill gargos
Gargos - “dead” but his energy is still present in the shadow realm.
Kilgore - was put out of commission by Fulgore

So we would have maybe 6 or so people return with a whole new batch of heroes and villains to drive the series into a new fresh direction!


I’d totally be down to see the characters developed further. This iteration of KI has done just like what you said with MK9 where it reintroduced the classic characters to modern audiences (plus some great new additions) with revamped graphics and mechanics. A new KI being sequel in a similar vein to what MKX did after MK9; a more refined version of this one with a few more features that explores what these characters would be going through after the events of this one so they evolve both as actors to watch and as avatars to play would be kickass.


I’d be open to a new KI as long as the isn’t delayed because someone is caught up in a storyline that’s not properly referenced or alluded to.

We saw the mentions of the Disavowed and heard of mental anguish with Orchid , granted most of her story added well after her flushing intro
I realize story is important but would it slow down the process if there was an attempt to do what injustice 2 brought?

I’d really love the fighting direction / gameplay over attention to what could be a non- supporting story. Not saying KI is that, just for sake of development/ pre- production where most games are taking years just to develop the 'storymode’
Id love a reboot over trying to connect dots of the previous Gargos storyline. It could be retold each game, like a lot of other games

(Kan ra wouldn’t need to be tied to Aganos etc because why an endless race for mask of ancients)

Just pondering

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Would be better if Kan-Ra was still evil. I mean if he was KI’s Shang Tsung or Quan Chi.

Maybe be interesting to bring out new characters somehow.

I still hope for a KI3 in the original timeline, a real sequel of KI2.

Given the state that the world of KI is supposed to be in after Shadow Lords, I think the new KI game will resemble the KI1’s UltraTech-dominated, vaguely apocalyptic setting more.

If there is a sequel and you have new characters, please don’t do what MKX did and have you playing as the new blood for massive amounts of the story, including the final battle(s) which were, I feel, anticlimactic as a result. Or alternatively, don’t have a story mode at all, just a full arcade ladder for each character.

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Reboot City

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How about take story mode and ladder mode and combine it into one. We get a story mode of characters and rivals they fight then finally add in an ending.

AWESOME! make it happen lol

I think that this game served as a phenomenal foundation to relaunch this brand, presenting a wide variety of characters to pull together in to a story that continues where this one left off.

I like the idea of going forward in to the future, but I’m not sure I’d want to scrap a large part of the roster, partly because many have been so recently reestablished, so it’d be a shame to just turn around and drop them again. But also because there were so many great new characters introduced, and I wouldn’t want to see them dropped either.

That said, I could see a time jump of maybe ten years, where we find some characters are rather changed from where they were previously, whether it’s their circumstances, their affiliation, etc. One twist I’d personally put on things however, is that I’d present ARIA as dead from the beginning.

Once the events of the comic played out, the good guys turned their attention back to the world’s biggest threat in an effort to wipe the slate clean. ARIA is destroyed, and Ultratech with it. However, ten years later, we find that Ultratech has resurfaced as more of a shadow organization that controls things from behind the scenes. Think of a dark board room in an underground bunker type of deal.

I’d also throw out there that Ultratech’s sudden destruction sent shockwaves through the world and opened a power vaccum that several competing companies strove to fill, resulting in all out civil war that crippled the world and brought us to the brink of nuclear apocalypse.

So ten years later, the heroes are still in hiding, the villains have spread to the four winds, when something reunites them all once again: The Killer Instinct Tournament. Why now? Who’s behind it? Has ARIA returned?

I could see several scenarios and storylines played out through this tournament, which would be the fulcrum of a story that’s part narrative driven, part “arcade style” advancing as you choose who to use and play through a substantial story with plenty of twists and turns before the tournament, during the tournament, and perhaps a bit after as well.

For example: Orchid and the Disavowed were branded traitors and terrorists when they were captured and paraded through what was left of Washington DC. Currently serving a triple life sentence in solitary confinement at the base of a supermax prison, the first light she sees is a small glowing orange puddle of ooze quickly dripping in to her cell. Steam rises as the puddle begins to pulsate and morph into a gelatinous blob that convulses in to the shape of a man. Hexagons flash over his fiery skin as Orchid, half blinded, attempts to ready herself for battle. Weakened by starvation and lack of movement, she prepares to face the end with her head held high. The rolling hexagons flash over him once more and the fires extinguish, leaving a man in military fatigues. “My name is Ben Farris.” He says, reaching out to her… “Come with me if you… No, wait. Can I say that? I probably shouldn’t say that.” His hand falls to his side. “Anyways, you get the gist.”

Fan fic aside, my point is that I could see a story that both advances the plot forward, but also grows the foundation that’s been previously established. We could get more history on the characters, both from their backgrounds, but also what happened to them the last ten years, where they’re at now and why, how they get to the tournament and why they want to be there… Several interlinking sub plots, some of which merge with the central plotline.

I think it’d be great to change up some of these characters we know, while still making them feel familiar and accessible. There’d have to be a balance, for sure. But I think that they could do some really fun stuff in a darker world like this, where many of the heroes are already in a bad way. You give players a bunch of mysteries to solve, a bunch of plotlines to catch up on, and all of this works to keep players engaged as they play through this story with each character, uncovering more and more of the greater puzzle and how it all works together in various ways.

I think that’d be fun :slight_smile:


New Characters
More Ultimates “Ultra”
Ultimates combo “Like Shadow Jago Ultimate”
No mercys finishers
Tag mode
Team battle
Team battle finishers (only Ultras and Ultimates kill opponents)
3rd looks
2nd Ultras finishers
More stages like Rooftop (Classic KI and KI Gold)
More stage ultra finishers
Stage Ultimates
More Accessories Styles and Looks!
Gold coins Battles (Arcade mode for Gold)
Rated M!


All but the last one seems possible.

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Here’s what’s going to happen at E3:

Rumored Nintendo/MS collaboration is true. KI, as an old Nintendo game is coming to the Switch with full cross play. Also, KI 2 is going to be announced for Switch, Xbox and PC.

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Is this true? It sounds pretty far fetched.

more exploration in character skins

Makes it more interesting

Good Morning!
Agreeing with some ideas and disagreeing with others, some points in the story have already been clarified by the comics.
My idea of ​​a possible new KI, based on the existing information, would be:
After a certain time (between 5 to 10 years), some changes occurred before the arrival of the new Gargos. Aria would have been warned about Gargos’s survival by Jago, as well as a possible place where the new portal could be opened.
Ultratech would discover a person linked to the company’s history, who would be a new guardian of the Light, a character I mentioned in one of my posts, and send the Fulgore Mark-03 unit to guard and observe this woman.
This new character would be a woman
dismissed by ARIA a few years ago, during her youth, after a project failed. It would bring some more details of Ultratech’s secrets (involving details of some creations), and could change the destiny of the Megacorporation.
During this stay, Fulgore would discover the identity of his mind, and encouraged by it, would take on a new life. The Fulgore’s coexistence with this woman becomes stronger with the course of history.
Kilgore would become autonomous, and during that time he would discover some hidden company data as well as company secret files that would encourage him to seek Aria’s place in the company. But he would need more information, a new code of your system which would free him from Aria’s commands, which would lead him to get a woman attached to the company, to get the information he seeks, at all costs.
Aria would finally be able to craft a C Unit to transfer his system. But the new unit ended up having problems. In pursuit of the correction of this project, she would have to find a person who could solve the problem, which would bind her to the new character of the game.
Orchid would have been condemned by the Government and would be arrested, as it would try to harm Ultratech once again, and was condemned because the company aided humanity against Gargos. She eventually escapes, and encouraged by her brother, gives up taking down Ultratech, but does not avenge her rages with Aria.
Thunder and Eagle: The Nez Perce brothers would be visited by their guardians, warning them of a new battle where one of them would be killed.
Glacius returns to his home planet, but would leave part of his technology with the new character, so that he uses it in extreme need. Fulgore would be warned by Glacius that his human mind would be fundamental in his new destiny, and that he should protect his new ally from possible attacks by Coven and Ultratech.
Aganos would continue to be a new guardian, Kan-Ra would continue to try to acquire new powers, but managed to return partially of the curse.
Kim Wu, Jago, Shin Hisako, Tusk, and Maya after defeating and killing his sister, Mira, would form a new Night Guard barracks.
Spinal and Sabrewulf would be freed from the curse, and Spinal would cease to exist. Riptor: Ultratech would condemn them for disobedience and be died for Aria.
Eyedol would return to the Astral Plane to try to fight Gargos, but could not.
TJ Combo, believing he could save the world alone and thus increase his status, sought out Coven’s leader, Tsar, and challenged him. He ended up dead by it and turned into a powerful Wendigo.
Coven members (Tsar, Sadira and Cinder) would try to take Ultratech and make it a new, even more powerful Coven.
And the Killer Instinct tournament would resume with a new attempt to destroy both Gargos and Coven, who would eventually be allies to destroy all surviving humanity.